Milestone Birthday with LV

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  1. This past Friday I celebrated a milestone birthday. My family made me feel so special, I did not want a big party. Here is the bag I’ve been in love with since I saw her as my gift to me. Found at a great price:

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  2. Happy Birthday and Congratulations on a wonderful gift!!! Your bag is beautiful and in lovely condition.
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  3. Thank you!! Yes she’s in great condition!
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  4. Congrats and happy birthday! I love the Dentelle line. I have a Kirsten from this line and I haven't been able to bring myself to let it go because it's so beautiful.
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  5. Such a beautiful piece. Happy birthday! Stay safe and well.
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  6. Happy birthday!! What a beautiful piece to celebrate! Congrats and enjoy!!
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  7. Happy Birthday to you! Love your gift!
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  8. Happy birthday sweetheart. Stay safe and enjoy life. :smile:
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  9. Great bag! Happy birthday!
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  10. I love your beautiful Birthday LV !!
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