Milestone Bag(s)?

  1. I know that some of us (myself included) like to celebrate certain milestones in life. For me, since I have absolutely no achievements whatsoever (a success in failure), I can only celebrate my milestone via age. Thus, AGE MILESTONE is what I'll be talking about in this post.

    I was hoping to get a croc before I hit 30, but I may have to move that to 35 since I hadn't gotten anywhere with my SAs and then maybe a diamond bag for 40 or 50 birthday (once again dependent on relationship with SA) ...

    Who else here have a series of milestone bags planned for a particular milestone birthday? If so, what bag for what age? Please share!:flowers:
  2. bolide or birkin for my sweet sixteen :biggrin: thats 7 months
  3. what about "milestone" bags that you also had in the past, guys?? can you also share??
  4. Hmmm, if we can't talk anniveraries here--we hit the 5-year next year, then maybe I'll do the 40th b-day mark which won't happen for over 5 years. A little croc something would be great--a 32cm Kelly or a 35cm Birkin.
  5. I got my first, a Trim for my 30th Birthday. When I'm 40, I'd like a Birkin 30 in black chevre (if I don't already have one) or whatever Kelly on my list that has not come yet.
  6. Oh milestone.... Special order Indian rose crocodile birkin 30cm with pink gold before i reach 35.. 5yrs to go :smile:

    i just hope ill be able to order it when i go to paris since im sure its gonna take forever!
  7. Next year is my 40th first initial is K...I need a 2007 Birkin... No croc, no diamonds, just another gorgeous leather bag...

    Edit to diamonds on the bag, that is...very much in favor of a new diamond(s) for the hand/ears!
  8. ^ I'm a K, too!!!

    OK, so I need a bag next year......

    I am already angling towards a croc Kelly for my 50th (I'm 32, soon to be 33......dream early!)............and I have a one bag per year deal with DH.

  9. I'm with you.. i love diamonds but not on a bag, not even Hermes bag!
  10. KYANIE IS THAT YOU!!!!! lol,... I know it's not, but that's what my daughter wants for her 16th!

    Me, I'll be adding a new number after the 3 on my age in a little over a month, so what I want for my birthday is any Hermes bag NOT purchased by me!!!
  11. HEY! I'm right there with ya in the age thing! Wow, GF what's your birth month
  12. Wait a minute, are you a Scorpio?
  13. I'm a "K" too! I wa originally hoping to get a "K" Birkin, but DH will have a heart attack if I buy another, so I may have to get another smaller "K" item instead.

    For milestones, I'm hoping to have a Croc Birkin for my 50th b-day, and that's 21 years down the road, so it gives DH fair warning :smile:
  14. I'm 43 and hope that I'll have a Birkin before my 50th.:crybaby: I want to enjoy it!:P
  15. Hum.... Well, I'm a "L" so that's a 2008 Birkin for me right :smile: I'm hoping to be like K. and reach a 1-bag/year deal w/ my DH.