Mile High & Footballers Wives

  1. I freakin love these shows... they are so bad that they are GOOD.
    Anyone else love them as much as me ?? :wlae: :wlae:
  2. Is Footballers Wives the one that comes on BBC? If so, I love it too. I've only seen like 5 episodes though. I caught the last part of a marathon about 2 weeks ago. It's so trashy and crazy but totallly addictive!!:lol:
  3. I recently started watching FW Overtime again on BBC America. I'm confused though. Does the regular FW still come on? Is the Overtime show a spin-off or did it replace the other show?

    Anyway, I was bummed to see Seb killed. :sad: I thought he was soo hot!
  4. Me too ! They haven't even continued the story line. The regular footballers isn't on anymore, and the over time didnt have the same characters. So WTF is Mile High ???
  5. Mile High is about flight attendants, pilots, etc. The same lasciviousness went on but the only difference is they happen these people are, needless to say, part of the "mile high" club. LOL I don't think it comes on anymore. At least I haven't seen it listed the last few weeks that I've been watching FW.

    I didn't like that show as much as FW though. The men on FW are much hotter!
  6. We used to get BBC America, and every Sunday night, I'd be watching Footballer's Wive$.

    I loved Amber!

    Tanya had some talons on her, though!

    I really want to see the series from the beginning, though.
  7. I am a huge fan of Footballers Wives-I even tried to get the theme as my ringtone, but it was not compatible with my gold D&G Razr. I got the first three seasons on Netflix, I am waiting for the rest to come to Netflix. They are making an American version with Holly Robinson Peete, Ving Rhames, and Dawson from Dawson Creek. I have high hopes for it.
  8. Yeah. I loved the theme song too ! :jammin:
  9. I love the shows footballerswives and mile high. I have to make sure my kids don't come downstairs when I'm watching it because the subject matter is really racy.
  10. I miss Jason from FW....Tanya needs to tone down that manicure!
  11. OMG!!! I was about to post a thread on Footballer's Wives! DH and I just finished watching season four on BBC Canada! I keep cheating and going to site for some spoilers! LOL!!! Tanya is wicked but you gotta love her!!!:devil:

  12. SO TRUE! I call FW a "trainwreck" show - it is SO BAD but you can't bring yourself to NOT watch it!!! LOL!!!
  13. I loved Footballers wives when it was on, I wish they'd continued with that show - so many people loved it! I want to know what happened to Tanya, it was a bit of a cliffhanger they left us on, and now of course we'll never know.

    I never got into Mile High but I wish I had, it sounded quite good. Wasn't one of the girls from Corrie in it?
  14. I also LOVE FW!!!
  15. I love Footballers Wives (the original w/ Tanya and Amber, etc.). I haven'e been watching FW Overtime as much but when I do I love Tanya little sis.