Milan store sucks

  1. My first time at the Milan store was a disaster. My DH and I walked in to browse and he found a pair of shoes he liked. While he was trying it on, I was browsing women's shoes and accessories (was eyeing a belt to be specific). So DH tells me, I like these shoes so I am getting them. Great! I thought. Then I look at Men's accessories and I picked up a Epi card holder (I think) and the security guard scolded me by saying "madam, these are for exposition ONLY! Do NOT touch!" and yanked the item out of my hand.

    WTF? I have never been treated like this before at any store. LV or Target. I was deeply upset by this and sulking by the cash register when my DH asked me what was wrong. I told him what happened and DH abruptly stopped the SA helping him and told him, we won't be purchasing these shoes here, apparently your security guards was extremely rude by scolding my wife for touching something. The SA just shrugged it off, "we have a no touch policy".

    May be I am dumb, but do all LV's have no touch policy? We've been to LV's all over the place and got annoyed with SA's following us around and straightening our "mess" but no touch policy? I go into LV stores and touch all the bags behind the display counter even if SAs are glaring at me.

    The Milan store is not getting my business. Thanks for reading.
  2. So sorry to hear you had a bad time at LV , I havent heard about a no touch policy before.. But i think that even if they did have a no touch policy that they shouldnt be so snappy like that i mean a simple " Sorry we have a no touch policy , Could you please ask the sales assistant if you want help with something" Would have been so much better instead of snatching it off you!
  3. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me, but I can faintly remember that my boutique has small brass signs that kindly remind the customers not to touch the display bags.
    Also, one time a Japanese man entered the same boutique, went behind the counter and touched a bag. The manager of the boutique himself came and told him to not touch the bags and to get in front of the counter.
    I patronise a European boutique by the way.
  4. I think it's common practise in some stores, must've been a cultural misunderstanding. Here the items are always brought out for you try on. I remember a woman coming in to the store once in a hurry picking up the first purse she could get her hands on. Everyone turned their heads and froze, it was so bizarre.

    I'm sorry you felt insulted, but I don't think you had any reason to be really. The security guards are there to look a little mean and dangerous. ;)

    KaiieChanel, maybe he didn't know a lot of english either?

    I have no idea how the situation was but I think you overreacted a little. Some shops in europe are considered more as an extension of the owners private home and not a grocery pick-up self service store, thus not saying hello when you walk in and acting like you're at your own house isen't considered polite. =)
  5. ^ I agree
  6. sorry abt yr bad expereince....the LV i went to allowed me ot touch some of the display that is on sale floor.:p..
  7. I think most of the boutiques now, they do expect you to ask to see something. I honestly have never gone into a boutique and touched something without asking except perhaps shoes. I have never walked behind a counter. I would imagine if you did that at our store, the security guard would be there in an instant. LV boutiques are different than other stores in that you generally just don't pick things off the shelf.
  8. i'm sorry you feel that way
    i never touch anything behind counters except for shoes (well..they are not behind a counter)
    i do agree with liberté, but i think the security guard should have talked to you in a different way
  9. trust me... some stores are just *expletive deleted*... absolutely rude i just came back from a store today.. and there service was horrible
  10. WTF....that is so xxxxx up i have never heard of a do not touch rule, who the hell does he think he is, and even if they do have one he could have said it nicly instead of yelling at u...what a xxx!!!!

    please read our rules about profanity. . . not allowed
  11. I am in northern NJ and within 15 minutes of 3 differnt LV's. All of them allow you to touch - they even allow you to go behind the counter and touch display items. I was in Saks' LV the other day - the SA was helping me - and a customer approached and was eyeing a display bag behind the counter- the SA told her to go ahead and try it. Maybe it's a cultural thing - I'd be afraid that I might embarrass myself in another country after being used to the "free access" here.
  12. I was once told not too touch the bags in the LV selfridges in London! Was so shocked as my normal store is not like that. I just walked out and went round the corner to the Bond St store. This time I asked can I look at this bag and the SA told me "please look at whatever you want, just take it off the shelf. If you can't reach it I will get someone to get it for you!"

    It's strange the way some stores are like that, but some stores are busier the others and like already menioned it does depend on the country where the store is. Sorry you had to experience that tho.
  13. A lot of Europe stores are like this
    I got told off once in Palermo (sicily) store for picking up an agenda but after another visit they treat me like royalty even dismantled a new window display for something I wanted
    I never really pick things up in stores though especially if there is a counter top between us I always think it's designed as a barrier so I'll respect as one
  14. Sorry for your bad experience.
    Yes,here in Italy,tehere is a "no touch policy" in luxury boutique.
  15. There is no sign in my store.. but I think for the most part, all the SA's at my store are snotty and think they are above you, so they would rather you have permission first before touching their items. WHATEVER.