Milan Station in Hong Kong??

  1. As travellers to and residents in HK know, this reseller carrry tons of H birkins and kellys. On a recent trip, I examined a togo birkin with my mom, who noticed that the grains (or pebbles) on the back of the bag were much larger than the front. We also saw another birkin with PH but with a gold lock. The store staff just shrugged and said that is how they came, without any explanation. We have only purchased from H boutiques so this looked a bit odd to me since Milan Station was recommended by some tpf'ers. Could some experts enlighten me? I was close to buying a swift or togo birkin off the shelf but wanted to check with you guys about this store.
  2. Dunno, but sounds interesting. I have never been to Hong Kong. Want to one day. I like buying from H boutiques only. That is the best way to go, imo.
  3. The only thing that I've ever bought from Milan Station is a Balenciaga Motorcycle. As for H bags, the selling prices of used ones are even more than a new one from H. I prefer to buy directly from H.

    I do not know exacly when but there will be new store at Wynn Macau opening soon. Check it out during its opening day and perhaps you can get something off the shelf.
  4. I bought my Kelly in Milan Station, authenticated by Hermes shop and it's ok. They normally buy their stock from Hermes boutique directly and mark up the price. This is what I know. Mine is a togo and I don't see any problem with the leather.

    After you buy one there, you may want to be authenticated in Hermes. If it's not a real thing, you can bring it back for return. Milan shop is the biggest second hand shop, I think they will give you a full refund if turned out not to be real.

  5. Although I think the majorities of the bags are real and I havent really purchase anything from them but have heard of stories that they buy fake without knowing .... !! Which Milan station did u go to ?
  6. Hi, I went to the one in Causeway Bay. I agreed that there is risk buying in secondhand shop because they bot from individuals without knowing the bags are fake. The best is to buy from Hermes shop, but you know there's not much you can get from hermes shop in HK. Rarely see a Kelly on shelf and never see Birkin. Whereas in milan Station, you can see all kinds of sizes in different leather!!
  7. I know.. I am trying to get one in H stores right now but all of them goes to VIP(and god knows how much there are) I just moved back to HK and recently started to show interest to Hermes... however since I dont want to ask my daddy's friend to hook me up with one... I am working hard to build a relationship with my SA .. Hopefully,I will be able to get a Kelly soon.. although .. I am not a big fan of the kelly but I think that will bring me closer to obtaining a birkin in HK ... !!
  8. Hi, I saw a gold Kelly 32 cm Togo leather 2 weeks ago in Peninsula shop (I was quite surprised to see one in a popular colour!). I guess it might have gone by now, but no harm to check out. It costs abt HKD47,000 (= USD6,000)
  9. I think HK SA will never call you if you do not have r/ship with them. I asked the SA to call me if they have gold or BJ Kelly (I left my contact 9 mths ago). I saw a gold Kelly sitting on the shelf 2 weeks ago, but they did not call me! So you'd better check out frequently in Hermes shop yourself. This was what I did for my Evelyne (although there is stock in all Hermes shop, but not the colour I want).
  10. Em.. I guess I should check back with them more often then .. !! Thanks for the info !!
  11. Yes, this is possible on an authentic Birkin. In fact, if it's too uniform, you should worry.

    I believe the hardware on this birkin is also Gold. If you have a chance to re-look at this birkin, check to see if you see a little square stamp next to the "Hermes Paris" engraving on the strap's hardware. And also turn it over and check its 4 feet. They should be gold too. Or check the zipper pull inside the birkin to see if that's gold too.

    I only have one Birkin with GHW and my experience with this Birkin has only been a few months. So I don't have a long history of owning bags with GHW to comment further, but I did read on this forum that the shade of Gold on the lock is different from the shade of Gold on the bag's hardware.
  12. I went to HK last 2 weeks and we dropped by Milan Station, Paris Station and France Station on Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay. Yeah, saw lots of brand new birkins (the sale person told me to notice the ones with orange tags) in both 30 cm and 35 cm, even in popular colors like black, gold and blue jean. Anyway, I just got my rouge vif birkin a few days before going to HK, so I was not so tempted to buy one. However, I was so excited and even made an international call to my friend to see if she wanted a gold birkin!

    I have heard a lot from many locals (HK friends and HK girks whom I know from business) that these shops sell real birkin bags at marked-up price...that's why they have many available. Anyway, I can't confirm if this is true or not though.
  13. According to visit to HK a few times each year, I have never seen a birkin on the shelf. Kelly in various colors are available on the shelf from time to time though...
  14. According to visit to HK a few times each year, I have never seen a birkin on the shelf. Kelly in various colors are available on the shelf from time to time though...
  15. Yea... I think the ones that are brand new should be safer... ! but one can never tell.. I am praying that hermes will call me with a birkin soon !!