Milan Shopping

  1. Hi, I'm planning to vaca in Milan this year. Does anyone know when is the best time to go for the great prices on designer goods? Thanks!
  2. January (better hurry up! :graucho::graucho:) and August are the 2 big sales months in Italy. Every shop is having sales then.
  3. Great...thanks bagdemon!! Much Appreciated! Guess I'll plan it for August...:yes:
  4. Be prepared to very long queues outside the boutiques in Milan during sales...
    I think summer sales will start still in July, and usually all better items are sold before at discount price to regular customers.
    Good luck!
  5. Thanks for the info Mary!!
  6. I would love to go to Milan. I've been telling my husband forever to take me to Italy. He's probably afraid my new collection of handbags after the trip would cost more than the trip itself. Good luck!
  7. Good luck! And enjoy milan!
  8. One thing about August sales. The big brand shops are usually open, but the independently run boutiques usually are closed because it seems like everyone goes on vacation in August.
  9. ^ I totally agree!
    In the big cities there are shops that close in August - maybe late July/early August would be a good time?
    Also, when you got to Milan, if it is for shopping, you could rent a car and got to Sierravalle outlet (McArthurGlen, so actually American ;)) - they have all major italian brands - so ok you won't find the latest collection but they also have sales in August
    my brother and his wife went last year in August and I went in October - prices were pretty good.

    Have fun in Milan
  10. Thanks to all for the great tips!! :yes:

    But would it be too hot to go in July/August?
  11. I don't know where you're from, but Italy is quite hot in summer and Milan is quite unbearable, because it's a big city with a lot of pollution that gets worse in summer. Anyway it depends, last year it wasn't a hot summer at all.
  12. When I was in Milano, it was the summer of the intense heat wave in Europe. I've found it hasn't been as hot thereafter, and we tend to vacation in the summer(August, Sept). The drawback however is that in August, all shops are closed, especially during the holidays the Italians call Ferragosto(around the middle of the month). The higher-end boutiques don't seem to open until around the 30th or even later :sad:. Even their "mall" The Galleria is open only as a portal through which you can walk in, or maybe have lunch at. Their boutiques are closed , and the saldi(sales) start in July. The only store I remember being open was Zara, and a sad little cart near the duomo which sells synthetic(eww) scarves to tourists so they may cover themselves up to gain entry into the said church. You'll have better luck shopping for sales in August in Roma and Venezia. Or maybe take the train from Milano to Lugarno, the closest Switzerland city along the border. Don't forget to ask for your VAT refund(each store's total requirement varies, usually around E230-300 in one transaction, and the return is anywhere from 15%-30% on top of the lowest sale prices!!!). Have fun, I know I would!
  13. i'm from heat is somewhat bearable for me! But if its too hot, than I rather not! Thanks Mary!

    Thanks scholastican!! I went to Paris last year so I know about the VAT, but thanks for the tip! That doesn't sound good when nothing is open. It seems like the best time to go would be in September. I guess at this point I'm not too crazy about the sales...I just wanna go there to shop...haha =)
  14. Definitely go in July rather than August. This site lists the summer sales dates by region in Italy. It's in Italian but Milan is Lombardia and Rome is Lazio region.
    Saldi invernali 2007

    As someone mentioned there is the Serravalle Scrivia outlet you can go to but just over the border in Switzerland there is another outlet called Foxtown. I haven't been to either as Milan itself has an Etro outlet (which you should visit if you like the brand...)
    There are several multibrand outlets in Milan, the biggest and best is called Il Salvagente.

    There are lots of outlets near Florence such as Gucci and Prada that you need a car to get to.
    Italy Travel - Bargain Shopping Outlets Florence Milan Venice Rome Italy
  15. Hey guccigirl...i recently compiled a list of shopping stuff with links for one of my friends who is going on business (hopefully I will be going soon too =)). I'm going to pm it to you.