Milan and Rome?

  1. What are people currently wearing in Milan and Rome? I'm more interested in what type of outerwear and what people wear to parties.

    I remember some cobblestone streets in Rome ... is this true? I was there a few years ago.... Hard to walk around in heels? Is this is same in Milan (especially around the city center?)

    And what is the weather like?

    Thanks! I'm going there next week!
  2. Milan is very different as it's more modern

    Check for most up to date forecast
  3. rome is all cobblestones. i would not recommend stilettos. they're doable, but they get ruined easily.

  4. Thanks! Yes, that is what I remembered, but it has been awhile since I was there.
  5. The last time I was in Rome, I was shocked by how fashionably dressed the women were -- and they were all navigating the cobblestone streets in stilettos. Of course, they really don't do the touristy kind of things that require tons of walking. But the girls there exceeded my expectations of how well dressed and polished they were.

  6. I know!

    I'm not a flats sort of girl, but I will definitely take the cobblestones into consideration. I am constantly damaging the heels on my shoes. I will be thinking hard whether ruining embellished shoes is worth it....
  7. roman women are fabulous:yes: i lived there for a while and got the hang of walking on the cobblestone in stilettos, but i still wrecked them some. i don't know how they avoid it. sonya, enjoy your trip! i'm going to rome and venice in a couple weeks myself, can't wait!
  8. Outerwear: Kejo, Woolrich, Moncler and that Napa-something label. Peacots or normal wool coats, the latter cut at 2/3.
  9. I think the women are more polished and classically dressed in Rome , in MIlan they are a a lot are more fashion led .
  10. Ooo yeah Woolrich, beautiful coats