Milan and France station in Hong Kong.....

  1. What about Hong Kong airport? Is there a price difference from here and there? Or is it just no tax?
  2. There are no Milan Station, second hand shops, etc. in the HK airport. If you want find them, you need to go to the main city. :smile: And Hong Kong is a tax free port, so no need to pay tax!

    Guys, just update me with what you want to know in these shops as I usually come to these shops to have a window shop! :biggrin:
  3. Oh.. And I have a disappointing moment with this shops too.. I got this Vintage Chanel Handbag. I took it to the shop because I wanted to buy another handbag and sell it off to them. You know how much they are buying the handbag only?! around $65 only!!! They said because this is very old style.. But even though, the handbag was in perfect condition, not even one scratch at it, with dustbag and box!!! I was soo disappointed that I didn't sell the bag (of course!) to them and just posted it online on Yahoo! Auctions Hong Kong.. I sold my bag for around $300!

  4. is there a translated version for this website?
  5. I think there's none. And they don't have any internet bidding or online shopping website.

    Only a few to mention that has internet websites are and
  6. Last Friday, I saw a Bnew MJ Stam Bag on Paris Station. An off white Chanel Reissue in 227 size (pre-owned), baby cabas, etc. etc. I can't remember them all!!!
  7. Do you think they will still have balenciagas there? I'm going August 07 (that is, 2 months from now)
  8. I believe they still have. Roam around causeway bay area.. Theres a lot of secondhand shops there!! Near Times square!
  9. ChloeSS: I don't think you're going to make a profit by selling handbags to them. I just took a Chanel Handbag (Reissue in Rose Gold in 227) last week to the shop, and they just want to take if for only HKD 14,000! That's crazy for a brand new handbag! And not to mention they're going to resell it for HKD $28,000+?! Tsk Tsk.
  10. I went there a couple of times and they do not have as many balenciagas as compared to LV and Gucci. In fact, you probably can find less than 5 balenciagas, mostly blacks....
  11. Yes, I agree!
  12. Oh No!! i dont want the black you know how much they go for and if there are balenciaga's in the causeway bay area that are not neccessarily in milan/paris/france station? i suppose you'd just have to look inside every handbag store eh?
  13. :shocked: ME WANTS TO TAKE A TRIP TO HONG KONG!!!:nuts: Talk about EYE CANDY!!!:love:
  14. Pandy, what color are you looking for?
  15. hi iqaganda! could you please list the address of the shops? i'm going to write them down because we might go to hongkong in august. it might be hard to get around so the address might come in handy, to show the taxi driver where i wanna go. thanks!