Mila Moursi.. a very special line of skin care

Apr 15, 2007
Wanted to share this with all skin aficionados.. Around this time of the year when I am looking to
kick my skin care routine up a notch of two, I read about Mila Moursi & decided to purchase several
of the products.
I purchased the cleanser, several serums, (which include lifting, dual , & hyaluronic)refining lotion &
a very gentle retinol product.
In the few short weeks since using the products the hydration levels of my skin have increased,
the plumpness of my skin is much more visible & the overall tone , clarity & brightness is none like
I have experienced from other products. I also might add the sunblock is quite divine
So anyone who is looking for a change or just looking to add a product or two to their regime, these
products are compatible.
I hope you enjoy reading about Mila Moursi & her background.
Happy to have a new skin to share with you all...
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Apr 15, 2007
An update: after using specifically the Lifting Serum I have seen very positive results so I
can recommend that highly as well as the hydrating serum , the oxy cream & the anti wrinkle cream
Very pleased