Mila Kunis Fall 2012 Miss Dior Campaign

  1. :worthy:

    You took the words right outa my mouth :sunnies
  2. That you can remember any of these blah girl-next-door-but-one 'celebs' is commendable

    :push: and Gucci sued Guess? GGuess I'm obviously not in GGucci's demographic for that eau de toilet (sic)
  3. I wonder if Balenciaga executives feel that they have made a bad decision now that Kristen is in the news for cheating. That's what they get for choosing a hyped up new actress; you get what you pay for :biggrin:

    Guess copies Gucci like crazy. They have shoes that look almost like Gucci shoes, except in stead of GG monogram you get the ugly Guess one.

    Guess deserves to be sued.
  4. Gucci's contract may have been a lot more money. I doubt Chanel offered to pay her a lot, given the appeal of the brand.

    Charlize Theron reportedly got paid much less by Dior than by Raymond Weil. Yet she still chose to wear a Dior watch against her Raymond Weil contract agreement, and had to pay millions of dollars for breach of contract.

    I still think that she made the right move. Raymond Weil vs. Dior? There is NO competition there.:biggrin:
  5. Balenciaga used to be so cool. Arty, unusual and intellectual - (words I can't use to describe many Hollywood actresses) What happened to the brand? (no need to answer :rolleyes:).

    Whatever models are really like, their job along with the team is to create illusion and let the onlooker suppose themselves in their place whereas these actress/rent-girls are just 'solid', to me they look uncomfortable with glamour.

    I Guess (sorry) the judge thought so too because Gucci won, I agree, we all get what we pay for - even in the sales. Gucci shoes are amazing, I would rather have one non-logo pair than 100 pairs of Guess.
  6. Well said! Actually, the Balenciaga Florabotanica ad is one of the corniest high-end ads I've ever seen. Looks like a high school cut-and-paste collage with a random picture of Kristen Stewart. And she looks so stiff and uncomfortable in her pose that it almost makes you think that the clothes are too rigid and stiff, which is not the case.
    KristenStewart FloraBotanica BalenciagaParis Ad.jpg
  7. I loathe this visual.
  8. Yeah that's the word that sums up what I feel, too! I can't believe that the executives at Balenciaga approved this ad for publication.

  9. I agree, it's all over the place, like averagejoe says, it just seems like a high school (i'd say kindergarten!) cut and paste project, it doesn't make sense and nothing comes together. The bottle itself doesn't appeal to me either. I can see how it's meant to be tied in with their striped black and white motorcycle bag, but still........
  10. Not that I am a fan of Charlotte Gainsbourg but the previous campaign for the Balenciaga Paris fragrance was at least quite elegant. This mish-mash disaster of a visual on the other hand evokes Ed Hardy or Baby Phat. Or Sarah Jessica Parker's tragic NYC fragrance:

  11. The Ed Hardy fragrance that I bought was a mistake, even though I like the brand, can't remember which one it was but it smells too sweet (I prefer a subtle sweet floral like the Miss Dior Cherie) and there was too much going on. the NYC fragrance by SJP looks like a jungle....wasn't that supposed to be part of the theme?
  12. Ed Hardy's fragrance bottles look very cheap, and so does SJP's NYC fragrance which I'm seeing for the first time. Can't believe that she launched something so completely distasteful.
  13. I think any fragrance that piggybacks on the overnight success of certain celebrities (like Kim Kardashian) or brands (like Ed Hardy, which was all the rage a few years back) are inevitably doomed. They make a lot of money right away (more so than some well-established fragrances), and then they are discontinued when sales drop.

    And I have never smelled one that was remotely appealing, except maybe Coty's fragrance for Isabella Rosselini (which is now long gone). All of the new recent celebrity fragrances smell so sweet and synthetic that they border on being gross.

  14. :cray::police:

    OMG, graphically challenged before a lid is even lifted -

    Reaching for my my Terre d'H and my last bottles of Gucci Rush and A McQ's KINGDOM (BF hates it but...). What to do when all the gorgeousness is gone?
  15. There is still classic Dior and Chanel to run to. Both brands have been good at not cheapening their scents just to attract young girls who like candy-like fad fragrances. They also don't discontinue most of their classic fragrances.

    Gucci has been a good fragrance brand, but some of their classics did not last (like Gucci Envy), making me wonder if they will discontinue most of their current fragrances in the next few years.