Mila Kunis at Family Guy's 100th Episode party (10/29/07)

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  3. The 100th episode is called Stewie Kills Lois.

    Seth MacFarlane talks about the 100th episode of Family Guy

    by Wendy on October 22nd, 2007
    On November 4, the 100th episode of Family Guy will be airing. Seth MacFarlane talked a little about what we should expect: Family Guy has survived protest, ridicule and even cancellation to become one of the edgiest shows on network television. South Park did a two part episode ridiculing the Family Guy formula of stopping the action for flashback references and Fox even tried canceling the series. Fan demand for more than just the DVD collections brought the show back.

    Now celebrating their upcoming 100th episode, “”Stewie Kills Lois,”" Family Guy dares to off a main character. Baby Stewie has long been trying to murder his mother, and in the end all it took was a little machine gun fire. Kind of anti-climactic if you think about it. “”I don’t know, well, Captain Kirk fell off a bridge,”" said series creator Seth MacFarlane, in a Star Trek reference fitting the comedy’s uber-geek sensibility.

    Episode 100 deals with the Griffin family’s adjustment one year after their matriarch’s death, all the while referencing The Lake House, movies where Harrison Ford is looking for his family and a live-action scene of James Woods and Rob Lowe. MacFarlane, also the voice of Peter, Stewie, Brian, Quagmire and more, shared more surprises to come on Family Guy.

    Surprise #1: There’s more to Episode 100 than you’ll see on the air. "I think the abortion [story Peter tells] was about eight times as long. Some of this stuff actually, you will only see on the DVD. For example, pleasuring a man with a socked foot will probably not make it to Fox. It’ll make it to the DVD and it’ll probably make it to Adult Swim. There’s some stuff that was judiciously edited with our approval. For example, the swearing you’ll only see on the DVD. Since that’s become such a big part of Family Guy, occasionally if we bleep something for TV, we’ll let it slide on the DVD."

    Surprise #2: There’s no copout ending to Stewie Kills Lois. "I can safely say it is not a dream. We do resolve it in a satisfying way. I don’t know, maybe it’s not. No, there’s probably going to be a lot of people who are pissed."

    Surprise #3: They won’t just rip a movie because they hate it. Not even The Lake House.
    "The gag has to have an angle to it. It has to have some sort of point of view. It can’t just be saying, ‘This movie sucks’ although I think we did that with Wild Hogs. That was all that gag was. Anything having to do with time travel, I’m interested in. So I went to see the movie [The Lake House] and yeah, you kind of know that he’s the guy who gets hit within the first 10 minutes."

    Surprise #4: Family Guy will tackle the tough issues.
    "We have an episode where Peter finds out he is not technically an American citizen, that he’s actually from Mexico."

    Surprise #5: They really do think about the characters sometimes: "We have a major development in the Brian/Lois relationship. We are trying to, without changing the characters too much, we are trying to evolve the series and not just do the same things over and over. We’re trying to allow them to grow. A good example is that Stewie used to be the guy who just wanted to take over the world and since then we’ve delved into the reasons that he might want to take over the world and why he’s so angry. Some of it may have to do with his sexual confusion."

    Surprise #6: They’re not trying to offend people.
    "I’m not angling for that. If anything, it’s kind of annoying. My reaction oftentimes is, “Come on, guys. Lighten up. It gets way worse than this. Really? You’re really that offended? I’m not buying it."

    Surprise #7: There are actually no hard feelings between Family Guy and South Park.
    "It’s weird because I don’t really know those guys well personally. The Simpsons takes a lot of jabs at us, but I know Matt Groening fairly well. He’s one of the nicest, most grounded class acts you’ll ever meet. I don’t know Matt [Stone] and Trey [Parker] but that pilot that they did [”The Spirit of Christmas”] was about the hardest I ever laughed. Put it this way. We dish it out so much, we gotta take it, right? It was interesting. It was a funny episode start to finish."

    Surprise #8: The show is written by manatees pushing random balls of ideas as South Park suggested:
    "There are certain things that we admittedly do. If something is funny enough, will we step out of the story to do it? Absolutely. Who the hell watches a sitcom for the story? You watch it because you want to laugh and you watch it because you want to laugh as much as possible. It’s like Seinfeld, not that I’m comparing us to that show but they say they’re a show about nothing. In Road to Utopia, Hope and Crosby would step out of the story to do an accordion number."

    Surprise #9: There are, however, writers hired just to think of throwaway gags:
    "When the main writer’s room is working on the body of a script, we usually have two gag rooms going at once because there are so many cutaways and so many jokes. They’re assigned to write the last line of a scene which obviously is called a scene blow and has to be really funny, or a cutaway gag or something so that we can actually get the show done on time."

    Surprise #10: They still haven’t exhausted all the possible Star Wars references.
    "There’s so much to draw from and there are so many different takes on the same scenario. There’s always room for more Star Wars.”"

    Surprise #11: They’re not really obsessed with Star Wars.
    "It’s never really an obsession. It’s just one of those things that you can’t really avoid. It’s like The Sound of Music or The Wizard of Oz. There’s no way to avoid knowing that thing by heart."

    Surprise #12: Lucas Films cooperated with their Star Wars season premiere episode:
    "We’re walking a line because Lucas has a certain brand as well that they want to preserve. I will say that they were unbelievably easy to work with and they really made it possible for us to do the show and do Star Wars but at the same time keep enough of Family Guy to have it feel like our show."


    Here's the promo picture of the 100th episode.

    I just wanted an excuse to look at Seth Macfarlane again!
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