Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher

  1. she's so much better than him in my opinion.
  2. They are super cute together.
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  4. I really like them together :biggrin:
  5. They look cute!

    I need that sweater, looks so comfortable.
  6. Completely agree with this statement. I think Demi and Ashton weren't going to work out anyways. She was trying hard to be 20 when she was like 50. I think what attracted him to her in the first place was her maturity and when that changed he fell out of love with her.
  7. don't love the sloppy look
  8. They look cute.
  9. They look cute together!
  10. Wow...I didn't care for her before, now even less. He is a d-b.
  11. He looks so much better clean shaven.
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  13. ita!
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    a14.jpg a12.jpg a11.jpg a13.jpg
  15. cute shoes