Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher

  1. loooover her!!!! here is her cute gap ad that i have as my avatar :smile: she looks so comfy, i love how her hair looks, and i feel a kinship to her only because she is short, small and has dark hair ... there aren't THAT many short, small girls in hollywood believe it or not, so whoever is, is my role model! :smile:

  2. She's so gorgeous, I LOVE that dress that she is wearing in to her premiere! Flawless!
  3. Pictures of Mila at the Forgetting Sarah Marshall premiere back in April '08:




    I love the blue detail on the size/bottom of her dress & how the bangle matches ... too bad we can't see the shoes, lol.
    mila-kunis-forgetting-sarah-marshall-premiere-02.jpg mila-kunis-forgetting-sarah-marshall-premiere-07.jpg mila-kunis-forgetting-sarah-marshall-premiere-13.jpg
  4. ^^^She looks gorgeous in that dress!
  5. I always thought she was pretty, back in the 70's show! LOL, perfect gf for Ashton!

    She has great hair and a great figure! I wonder how tall she is...
  6. ^ she's 5'3! :smile:
  7. Whoa, tiny. Thanks for the info ash ;)
  8. I love her! she's so gorgeous...she was my favorite on That 70's Show!

    Mind if I add pics? (the black and white one is my fave)

    1452504725_206ed41b98.jpg coolwallpaper-12.jpg kunis.jpg Mila Kunis-5.jpg mila_kunis300.jpg
  9. a few more....

    mila_kunis_01_header.jpg mila_kunis_l7.jpg mila-kunis-6.jpg
  10. She's gorgeous!!!!
  11. love her since that 70s show and how she has such a good sense of humor. it's also awesome how she plays meg in family guy haha.

    whats cool is that she has different coloured eyes, one greenish and one blueish!
  12. I read somewhere that that was caused by some kind of condition that gave her horrible a result she had to inject painkillers straight into her eyes! :wtf:
  13. flawless!
  14. i love her! esp in that 70's show =]
  15. she's so pretty, but looking at this makes me think that vanessa hudgens will look kind of like her once vanessa starts getting older, maybe vanessa won't have as strong a feature of cheekbones though