Mila Kunis and Dior...(and a sneak peak of the Spring 2012 ads)

  1. Agreed, I'm very excited to see how the brand will change!
  2. Mila Kunis and the Miss Dior have been blogged about by tPF! :happydance::woohoo:

    BTW, I don't know if anybody else has noticed, but is it just me, or is it simply amazing how Mila can look like she's simply resting the tip of her very high heel on the edge of the seat and make it look easy in the first photo?! :wtf::weird: I like my high heels, but that chair looks like hard plastic and knowing me (and having had similar experience, not that I was trying to imitate the pose:lolots:smile:, the photographer would probably need 1000+ takes before he gets this shot from me! my heel would slip all over the chair and not look graceful!
  3. I've revived this thread because I have found a new Spring 2012 ad from Dior with Mila Kunis.

    (Her Miss Dior bag in lizard looks amazing!)
    Dior Miss Dior Mila Kunis lizard.jpg
  4. There'll be one more visual with the tweed Miss Dior:

  5. Ooo! :smile: Looking forward to that!
  6. [​IMG]
  7. this has got to be one of my favourite ads, I prefer the larger Cannage stitching on the New Lock to the Miss Dior bag, but I love the tweed version Mila's got! Also got to be one of the more blatant bag in your face ads that I really like! Other brands have done it and can seem vulgar because of how they're emphasising the bag and prefer to advertise it in a subtle way, but the way Mila is looking at you through the camera as well....genius, as if she's saying 'I dare you not to like this Miss Dior'!
  8. I agree! I love the way she's staring at the camera. And this tweed bag is really pretty. The gold and ivory details make the bag look like it's made for a mythological goddess!

    Emi, thanks for sharing this ad :smile:
  9. It's my favourite one of the series because (a) I really like this tweed version of the Miss Dior bag, and (b) I love the sultriness of her gaze.
  10. Mila Kunis and the Dior team in Seine, France in preparation for a summer campaign.

    Looks like the new ads will feature Mila with her usual makeup and hair.
    0e311ffa89f8b71e_FFN_CHP_Kunis_Mila_030112_8828086.preview.jpg 0f67d6dfb297a8d8_FFN_CHP_Kunis_Mila_030112_8828039.preview.jpg 387ab4853a66bbc1_FFN_CHP_Kunis_Mila_030112_8828084.preview.jpg 7e0d624d677f222c_FFN_CHP_Kunis_Mila_030112_8828083.preview.jpg 460604acd143a56f_mkwtmk.preview.jpg a37d63a977592546_FFN_CHP_Kunis_Mila_030112_8828090.preview.jpg
  11. That dress she's wearing looks like it could be from Pre-Fall 2012...?
  12. I thought it was summer because of the Lady Dior bag in the picture, but now that you said it, it does look like the pre-Fall clothes.
  13. And I've just noticed the Summer 2012 Lady Dior bag myself! :lol: How so very confusing as the Spring/Summer campaign visuals are all out already as we've seen... Perhaps that's her own bag her assistant is carrying for her...?

    Either way I'm loving the Bagatelle ring in what looks to be pink gold and pink diamonds she's also wearing. :heart:
  14. Didn't notice that until you mentioned it! It perfectly compliments her minimalist outfit.
  15. i'm not familiar with dior, any one have any guess or know the price of this lizard bag?