Mila Kunis and Dior...(and a sneak peak of the Spring 2012 ads)

  1. Dior hired the other Black Swan star, Mila Kunis, as the new face of Dior. The ads were photographed by Mikael Jansson.
    dior02.jpg Dior Mila Kunis 1.jpg
  2. A bigger version of the ad:
    Dior Mila Kunis 2.jpg
  3. She's lovely, but it's funny; it doesn't even look like Mila Kunis. At any rate, I think she's an elegant face for the Miss Dior bag ads.
  4. Daisyinbloom,thanks for the link :biggrin:

    here it is
  5. Mila looks amazing ... definitely makes me want to take a second look at Dior. It's been a while since I've bought a Dior bag, the last one I bought was the gaucho when it first came out.;)
  6. I love this new direction at Dior. It's quite unexpected. Can't wait till they hire their new creative director. Maybe that will be unxpected, too.
  7. lovely photos! definitely a different side of Mila Kunis! I think it's because normally she has smokey eye make up on, but in these ads, her make up is more natural and fresh faced. I feel like a teenager again and want to start collecting magazine adverts, but this time only for Dior bag ads like these and the Lady Dior ones with Marion Cotillard!
  8. Lovely! something very Dior but slightly new.
    the foggy remains me of the ads from of of Kate moss's spread a while back ago where she is sitting in the back of a Bentley and toting the red detective and flower embroidery frame bag., which is my all time favorite ads from dior.
  9. I agree! She looks "clean" and "fresh" in these photos -- delicate and lovely. (She was so good in Black Swan, by the way!) Nice work, Dior! :smile:
  10. wow! these ads make me want this dior flap over a chanel flap! how much are the black and red flaps shes carrying?
  11. I think that it is $3100 (may have increased already) :smile:

    You should check one out at the boutique. The craftsmanship is breathtaking! The leather lining is in a contrasting colour, and with the Dior cannage embroidery.
  12. Here is a bigger version of the one with the red bag, from JustJared.
  13. here are the full size version from the Dior facebook page!

    Mila looks STUNNING!
    389992_274882375899768_118197471568260_726545_1177957683_n.jpg 379035_274882352566437_118197471568260_726544_2092791954_n.jpg 402484_274882399233099_118197471568260_726546_1604555842_n.jpg
  14. Wow thanks for sharing the full length ads!!!