MIL suggetions...

  1. OMG she has this bag that needs to see the trash, she likes coach but not logo signature.
    She is a lawyer so yelling logo's isnt going to work, I also want this bag to be universal for her. Something she can use for work and when she goes out. She does change her bags for dinners out and stuff like that but she needs an new everyday bag.
    here is what she's carrying now.

    I'd like some suggestions.. thanks
  2. I think i like the first and third.. thanks
  3. I like Deborah's suggestions, most of all the Bleecker flap. I feel like the duffle would be too casual for a lawyer (I used to be a paralegal) but judging from the bag she is carrying now, maybe not. I would also suggest maybe a classic Coach leather bag like one of these:

    I have a black rambler's legacy that I carry when I want to be unobtrusive and professional looking. Good luck.
  4. What is the bag she is carrying now?
  5. this bag by far doesnt go to court with her.. to the office and out and about..,.
  6. [​IMG] no clue what make/brand but its in need of tlc.
  7. I've been thinking about this since it looks to be close in color
  8. What about an Ali?
  9. Since the bag is semi-open on the top the Hamptons line might be good. An ergo tote might be good too in the same camel color (someone had one recently that they posted a modeling picture of).
  10. Doesn't the bag she wears now have a longer drop? I have tried the large Carly and it still isn't long enough for me to easily get in a out of. Usually I try to picture what the bag will look like on my mom or mil. (based on their current style). Most of the time I pick winners. Just a thought.
  11. yes it just has a magnetic button closure. So I guess there isnt much issue with zippers.
  12. Hmm I will try and find another pic of her holding it.
  13. what about a bleecker leather duffle???

    edit: someone already suggested it lol that what i get for just reading the topic and commenting

    but I agree w/deborah, the buckskin duffle IRL looks like it would be a close match to the color of your MIL's bag...