MIL gave me a horrible fake Coach diaper bag for Christmas.

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  1. :cursing: What should I do with it? I know I have to smile and say thank you, and tell her how much I love it, but what then? Ugh... I hate being put in this position. I don't want to throw it away or give it away, but I also don't want to be seen with a fake bag.
  2. Well, my first suggestion would be to throw it away, but since you dont want to do that, just put it in a closet and let it collect dust!
  3. Maybe she thinks it real? If so, then it really was the thought. Put it in the closet--do they make a real one that is similar? Maybe you could get DH to buy you the real one. If you carried that around her (the real one), do you think she'd know the difference? Arrghhh...alternately, you could spill grape juice ALL over it and wouldn't that be tragic?
  4. LOL... I didn't even think about the grape juice idea! When my baby starts eating solids I could easily stage a pea incident or something.

    I don't want to throw it away, just in case she asks about it. I am pretty sure that she knows it's fake .... she wears fakes all the time, and when I buy her real Coach she says something like- I can get this bag for only $10.

    We don't get along, and I think she'd start talking smack if she knew I threw away a present she gave me. For now, I guess it needs to stay in the closet... and maybe bring it out when she comes over.

    I just get so irritated when I get fakes as presents. :yucky:
  5. I would just let it sit in the closet. And if she ask why you don't use it, tell her....

    1. That you didn't want to get the "Coach"(lol) dirty
    2. It wasn't functional enough for you to use everyday
    3. You plan to use it just for travel
    4. The dog ate it. :p

    Anyway, I think the first 3 excuses may help you save face and avoid hurt feelings.
  6. See, my MIL would know better. I REALLY like the peas idea! Alternatively you could pack it (diapers, wipes, etc...) and leave it at her house for when the baby visits her?
  7. I say you should tell her that the baby vomited all over it and you took it to the cleaners and they said it was a lost cause. Then she'll be more worried about the baby and you can just forget it even existed.

    Yikes I'm glad my family knows better...
  8. I like the grape juice idea
  9. I think some sort of "accident" is the way to go...unless you choose to find the closest thing that is a real coach. ooohh my hubby recently bought a really cheep backpack that fell apart. Maybe if its starts falling apart or a zipper breaks....
  10. Ewww.... my MIL would get me one just to be a w*tch. Anyway, grape juice is a great idea or baby vomit! Or I like the suggestion to pack it up and leave it at MIL's for when baby visits.
  11. OH yikes! What a tricky situation!!! I agree with the others- i think the only thing to do is use it around her (only!) once or twice and tell her how much you like it. Then do the grapejuice problem or something. I like the idea of saying you brought it to the cleaners and they couldnt do anything about it. It sounds sort of sneaky & deceptive but I dont see how else you could do this- especially since she seems to like fake bags and therefore wouldnt understand why you couldnt carry it. I feel bad for your MIL! She prob thought it would be such a nice gift! I would avoid hurting her feelings and let her think it was an "accident" at all costs.
  12. :devil:I say burn it.
  13. Grape Juice, how much I love thee!!!
  14. who knows if you used the grape juice excuse, ends up she will get you another fake? yike!! :shrugs: :cursing:

    Maybe just use it occasionally whenever she's around I guess.. :rolleyes:
  15. get pooop on it accidentally... you could blame it on the baby's unpredictable bowel movements! ; P or leave a glass jar in there & let it break all over! do a smelly one like broccoli & chicken