1. My MIL is Nuts!
    For example she is constantly telling me that i should only wash my fash with vaseline and water..
    meanwhile I get so many compliments on my skin, I am obsessed with skincare, nutitrion and yet she is always telling me I need to stop whatever I am doing and only wash with vaseline and water! she has tons of plastic surgery and the weird thing is she uses all la mer products but claims she doesn't using them... when in fact I have SEEN her use them!

    then the other day we were going to an afternoon luncheon. I had on a black knee length jumper, black turtleneck , blk opague tights, coach flats & fendi bag.
    she was like ":wtf: What are you wearing?!" as though I was dressed as a street walker or something! she comes out of her room with the most hideous 80's blazer i ever ever seen and told me put it on! shoulder pads and all!

    I seriously did not want to but i didn't want to be rude. I was so upset bc I am very meticulous about my style. i wound up just carrying it once we got to the party. I love older women but i'm sorry this woman has no style and I would not take any fashion advise from her!

    she has even told me I shouldn't have children! meanwhile everyone who knows me knows I LOvE children, I have even worked as nanny, I raised my 3 little sisters and she actually told me that! I have 3 dogs and a two birds that i treat as babies!

    not there is anything wrong with this, but she has been married and divorced four times, has three sons from 3 different fathers but just it makes me wonder.
    another time she made fun of my LV, she said "I only carry Gucci, LV is so Obvious" and she said this in front of several family members who had just complimented my bag...meanwhile I have never even seen any of her Gucci..where is it??? I mean if its so great.. i have not even seen a Gucci in her closet..

    then she told me the other day.."its great how you can be so fake to people and pretend to be nice"!!! OMG that time I lost it! I was like "I am not fake I wouldn't want to be mean to anyone!"

    what do you guys think? am i over sensitive or is she crazy? sorry I had to vent
  2. no she sounds like a nightmare...
    I say mess with her mind and when she asks you what you have been using on your face, nonchalantly say I took your advice, I'm using your Vaseline water concoction....:graucho:
  3. For me that is a tough one. I love respecting the older generation...I have many examples when I only want to SCREAM...and I have a few!! really works best for me with the older inlaws in the family. I tend to keep my mouth shut most of the time. Its different in every family. I would say maybe talk to her reasonably? This has worked for me in the past. Its all about your tone, how you say it, and being kind (even if you are PISSED!)
  4. Oh sister, I can relate:s
  5. Yikes! The vaseline and water part is kinda hilarious. Same witht the shoulder pads. This is just me but nobody would ever get me to wear something I didn't want to wear just because they suggested it. I understand some people like to be controlling, and its difficult when it's the mil, but i don't think its rude at all to politely decline, and continue to do so if she insists.
    Perhaps she is jealous of you in some weird way? it seems as though she is purposely trying to be underhanded towards you.
  6. The next time she suggests using vaseline and water on your face (wtf??) tell her you've actually started using butter and icing sugar cuz you heard it was better for your skin and then suggest SHE use it too.

    She sounds like a nightmare....and if I were you I'd just have fun with it. Make outrageous suggestions right back at her (and act like you're completely genuine about them) and then at least you'll get a laugh out of it and she might not get under your skin quite as much.
  7. Reading your story, it seemed funny. But I know when you're the one going through this, it isn't! I agree with Sunshine. Just be frank with her in a nice tone cuz from experience, it's still not good to be in bad terms with MIL. Good luck, she seems to be a handful!:hrmm:
  8. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: LMAO!! I'm so glad you guys don't think I'm a B or something!

    especially the part about the vaseline..i thought maybe you guys had heard of this and I was just being meanspirited???? HAha I feel alot better that you guys don't think I'm nuts.....the vaseline thing, strangely that bothered me the most, bc I couldn't figure out if i was just being a B or not!!

    she says it all the time to me in such a sweet way but she'll be like "promise me you'll only use vaseline, water and absolutely nothing else"!!
  9. "promise me you'll only use vaseline, water and absolutely nothing else"!!

    I swear all I hear in my head is the creepy gollum voice saying "my preciouuusssssss"
  10. Oh, you poor thing... I'd think it was my MIL except my dh doesn't have any more brothers....

    I think kindness and polite responses are really the only way to deal with her. Hopefully this is as far as she'll go with crossing boundaries!
  11. I'd think it was my MIL too..or it might even be my SIL!!
  12. Believe it or not, there have always been a few people (per decade) that promoted using Vaseline-people who were quoted-it is not as if she had suggested coca-cola! However, in the spirit of getting along, don't let her get to you-and remind yourself that you are able to wash your own face, thankfully! When offered something to wear, I would keep repeating, I'm fine, thank you, with a big smile-and be sure to leave whatever it is in the house! Good luck, I have been there too!
  13. I think she is a nutty old bat and she isn't going to change.
  14. She sounds pretty funny :roflmfao: but very irritating. Most of the stuff you said sounded petty rather than malicious, and that I would leave alone, but that last accusation...that's pretty bad, and I'm glad you stood up for yourself.
  15. ^^ yah like Marie! Ray's mom in Everybody Loves Raymond. :biggrin: