Mikissima's starter kit

  1. bottega, Lv mini pleaty, Lv pomme agenda, Burberry cadogan


  2. This may be your starter kit, but I love each piece!
  3. thanks! :smile:
  4. ^^ i totally agree with blew415! thanx 4 sharing!
  5. They look great! I like the Burberry cadogan
  6. love your Louie's!
  7. love it all! great pieces
  8. I love that BV bag. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Very cute collection! Love the Burberry!!
  10. Fantastic!
  11. thanks everyone! i'm really glad you like it, its so small compared to others, i hope it will grow soon!:biggrin:
  12. nice!! thanks for sharing!!
  13. Cute tweed Dooney!
  14. Your pomme agenda is my next wish!
  15. very cute - love it