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  1. What do you think of Mikimoto? I was thinking of getting a strand, but heard that the quality is not good. It's just a "name". Opinions?
  2. Wow, where did you hear that the quality is not good?
    I think it is a premier brand. I have a 16 inch strand with matching bracelet and stud earrings and they are spectacular! Very smooth, high lustre, and incredibly matching! I also have a necklace that has the three graduated strands; it is over 40 years old and it is also beautiful.
    Mikimoto does has a less prestigious line called Blue Lagoon; maybe that is what you heard about?
  3. yeah there are different qualities of pearls sold by mikimoto. so if you're planning on buying one be sure that you get the best quality one.
  4. mikimoto in the pearl world is the equivalent of buying tiffanys diamonds- beautiful stones (or pearls in this case) for premium loot. i own only 1 miki piece. about a year ago, i was turned on to Pearls Pearl Jewelry Pearl Necklace Cultured Pearls. i havent bought anything from them yet. i'm saving for their "mystery pearls" piece. Quite fascinating. They give u 51 strands w/ these "mystery connectors" that allow u to change the strand from 1 long necklace into 2 necklaces, or a choker and 2 bracelets, or "256" other wearbable combinations:

    This site has every kind of pearl! From fresh water, akoya, tahitian to GOLD! Its insane.

    They also have a comparison b/w miki's prices and theirs, which is also insane. American Pearl vs. Mikimoto

    I kno we all love our designer pieces, so I won't say never buy from miki. his craftmanship and quality is superb! i'll always look to him for his artwork. But if we're just talking about getting a strand w/ no diamonds, no design... idakno seems kinda pointless to buy from Mikimoto.

    Based on ur budget, you can pick the luster you want (triple A being the best).

    So far I've heard nothing but positive reviews from other jewelry lovers about AP. And I believe their return policy is 90days. So you could have them appraised to put ur mind @ ease. With the money you'd be saving if you went this route, I'd say its worth it. Wonder if anyone here has ever used them....
  5. Thanks for the info. I think the quality is good. I will getting a nice necklace hopefully soon.