Mikimoto vs VCA MOP

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  1. if you have to choose between Mikimoto south sea pearl earrings and VCA MOP all in white gold, what would you choose and why?
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    Mikimoto for sure. I love Mikimoto and have many pieces including two pairs of pearl studs. They go with everything... casual or dressy. Pearls also light up your face like no other stone does... makes your face “glow”.

    VCA is nice but not as versatile. Plus, compared to a pearl stud, the MOP doesn’t really “light up your face”. Try both and see what I mean. VCA is more about a big earring. Mikimoto is more about adding a glow to your face with a nice stud. Elegant, classic, chic, beautiful!

    Finally, on Mikimoto, I am a big fan of akoyas. They have a glow like glass. South Seas are larger but they are a more satin finish which I do not like. If you like larger sizes, may I suggest you try a 9.5mm pair of akoyas? That is not typically in the stores (unless it is a Mikimoto boutique), but you can ask the SA to bring in a pair. That’s a great size to me for the big akoya glass glow and a nice size for the ears as they pop. I wear mine a lot.

    Good luck! I love Mikimoto! Hope you get them! Can’t go wrong. I love my pearls more than my diamond studs.
  3. You can get both - I have both and really enjoy, though I find you don’t necesarily need Mikimoto for high quality pearls :smile: their markup is nuts
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  4. Another vote for Mikimoto
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  5. I am literally just debating this exact same question and searched the forum to find your question. Would love to know everyone's opinion. Some have mentioned Mikimoto has crazy markups? From their website https://www.mikimotoamerica.com/stud-earrings-in-yellow-gold a AAA+ 9.5mm is $21,714.00 USD vs. an A 9.5mm $5,650.00 - Is the AAA+ worth it?
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  6. Another vote for Mikimoto. I love pearls & I love Miki pearls...Akoya & SS. I find them to be extremely versatile & can be dressed up or down.
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  7. Mikimoto, no question.
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  8. ‍♀️ another for Mikimoto!!
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  9. I am a big fan of Mikimoto and they are the only pearls I buy. Here are my thoughts to share...
    First, I am an akoya fan, so I cannot comment on their south seas. As I have stated above, for a beautiful glow and luster, nothing beats an akoya. South Seas are large, but the satiny finish is a bit dull to me. The akoyas have almost a mirror glass finish, and honestly, put a pair on, look at your face, and it just makes your face glow (can you tell I really love them?!)

    On what grade... I have looked at all grades... my opinion is A (or A1 if available) is the best bang for the buck. First, Mikimoto pearls are already the top 5% of all pearls. So the lowest grade you buy is already in the top tier. Their luster and glow is amazing. I have many pieces, including strands, bracelets, and earrings, and many different grades. I can say from A1 to A, I cannot see much difference. From A to AA, I can definitely see difference but it is not significant. From AA to AAA, I see the most difference. The AAAs are like glass, they are amazing. However, their pricing is very high...AAAs command a very high premium, especially in anything larger than 8.5mm.

    For me, knowing that Mikimoto is already at the top 5%, I would say for me.. I like to buy A. On pearl size, I used to think I wanted the 10mm akoya studs. I thought... 10mm, gorgeous, huge, and it is also the size for an akoya. When the SA brought them in, I felt they were actually too big for my ears and took away from that glow/elegant look. So I went with 9.5mm which was perfect. My 9.5mm are As. I also have 8.5mm studs which are AAs. They 8.5mms have a nicer glow, but not by much.

    If you are considering a pair of studs, may I suggest you try 9.5-9.0mm and also the 8.5-8.0mm. For most people, I think the perfect size is 8.5mm-8.0mm. I just prefer a slightly bolder stud look which is why I have both.

    You may also think about if you want to get other Mikimoto pieces in the future and if matching the pearl size matters to you as it does to me. I like my pearl sizes to match.

    Last thought... I would also recommend you look at the overtone. The overtone can be silver or pink. When I started buying pearls, I didn't think it mattered to me so I just focused on the glow, but it does matter to me now. I have a mix of silver overtone and pink overtone pearls. I love how it all mixes when I wear the stands together, but if I had to do it all over again, my preference is for pink overtone. You may have a different preference or none, but you may want to investigate a bit. The SAs should be able to bring in pieces to compare. If you can get to a Mikimoto boutique, it's pearl heaven. They have tons of strands, earrings, everything, and it's worth going just to get the basic 101 on pearls and Mikimotos if you plan to acquire additional pieces.

    Long story short... for me, grade A is what I always ask for now.

    I hope this was helpful.
  10. they are two different looks. I feel VCA MOP earrings has a more casual look than Mikimoto Pearl earrings which have a more elegant. So, choice the look you are going for.
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  11. Thank you for your reply willeyi it was indeed very helpful. I will definitely pop in to take a look. My grandmother had an extensive collection of pearls that I inherited, but they all have a very strong gold glow. I think the very white pearl with silver/pink undertones as you mentioned are what is 'in' at the moment! One of those things that definitely need a visit to the boutique. Thank you for letting me know about grade A vs grade AAA - I think since I am starting out with Mikimoto the grade A will suffice.

    Winsconsin, regarding your question I think it depends on your current collection. If you already have a collection of branded earrings (i.e. Cartier love collection, VCA alhambra) and are looking for something less branded (or your lifestyle requires non branded items), I would go for the Mikimoto pearl earrings. However, if you are new to VCA I would suggest the alhambra motif earrings as they are a 'flagship' item of VCA.

    I'm looking to purchase the Mikimoto earrings because:
    - I already own a pair of VCA earrings
    - I own a pair of cheap pearl earrings that I really enjoy that I want to upgrade to something special as a gift to myself
    - I need a pair of low key pearl earrings to wear to important meetings when I want to be taken seriously

    I am leaning more towards dangly Mikimoto earrings that show off the brand's design ethic than the studs.
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  12. Thanks so much.
    Love the description - classic chic beautiful
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  13. Thanks so much for the pearls 101.
    Will definitely keep this info when I go shopping
    I do want south sea for the white pearl white gold look as opposed to Akoyas as I have decent Akoya dangle earrings in yellow gold
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  14. I do have 2 VCA earrings but in yellow gold and pink gold pave
    I want something in white gold that makes a statement hence my interest in the larger whiter south sea with diamonds Mikimoto studs
    I already have a decent dangly Akoya pair.
    Thanks for the input
    I think I should go for Mikimoto the brand and heritage as you only really need Alhambra earrings at most so think
  15. I will throw in one more thought since the two of you are looking and want south seas. I love love love the Tiffany Victoria south sea pearl drops (I love the Victoria line). I have been so close to getting these earrings at least three times, but the purist in me only buys Mikimoto pearls and akoyas so I didn’t get them.

    Since you are looking for south sea, and if you don’t mind Tiffany, I think these are stunning. The luster is not the same as an akoya, the south seas are a more satin finish, but I love the design, and for dangle , the 11-12mm size is great.

    As for Tiffany, I’m a Tiffany gal also and love their pieces so I don’t think you can go wrong with either Mikimoto pearls or Tiffany.

    Just a thought I want to share.

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