Mikhail Gorbachev for LV

  1. I am sorry this is a double post.
  2. I read that article, but they didn't even bother to track down the name of the bag! That's hardly a "duffel" bag, LOL.
  3. I like Gorby's keepall.....at first it looked as if it was creative photography.....it doesn't look real!
  4. I'm loving it:love: I'm sooo going to show that pic to my dad and maybe he'll understand that "purses with that LV-thing on it" isn't just for girls :yes:
  5. interesting!
  6. Saw the pic on perezhilton- love the idea!
  7. what a fabulous idea for a campaign!
  8. Hahahahaa, Russia's Next Top Model scores LV campaign, fantastic!
  9. Hahahaha as a Russian literature student & purse addict, I love this! A picture of this ad is definitely going in my office!