Mike's new summer sunnies!!

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  1. Hey guys Mike did manage to get some new sunglasses. I was dying for these but there so hard to find since shes based out of Rome. Laura Biagiotti has been a favorte in my family for a while now (maby i will dig up some pics of my mom in hers from when i was like a lil kid lol). I got these beauties off ebay and its hard to find becuse ALL THE ONES ON THERE WERE fake!!! But I got my Authentic pair!!

    P.S I've had them for a while now but haven't posted them.


    SORRY for the fugly pics i just took them and I look liek Sh*t~!!

    222 352.jpg

    222 355.jpg

    222 356.jpg

    222 353.jpg
  2. They look really good on you!
  3. Thanks blew
  4. I like 'em! They look fab on you.
  5. They're hot on you!
  6. Very nice!! Glad you found something you truly liked!
  7. OOOh Pappi! Those look good on you;)
  8. Wow!!!
  9. Thanks guys!!!!!!
  10. looks awesome on you, congrats on the new shades.
  11. Oooh, hot, love them!