Mike's Montsouris *pics*

  1. Hey guys mike just added another piece to his growing collection. YES you guessed it the montsouris. It fits me really well and its soo big. The inside is really deep. But I think I made the right choice. Thanks LT

    show 003.jpg

    show 004.jpg

    show 005.jpg

    show 006.jpg

    show 007.jpg
  2. Mike, it looks like a great bag! Would love to see just how well it fits you...where are the modeling pics?
  3. Hey, I am Jersey too! NJ rocks!
  4. Very nice and SPACIOUS, looks like it could hold a great deal
  5. HAHA modeling pics will be done after I take a shower lol.
  6. The bottom is endless its crazy.
  7. I'm in Monmouth county
  8. Love it...Congrats
  9. Congratulations!!
  10. I am in Camden County! Nice to meet you Mike!
  11. congrats
  12. Nice to meet you too. DO you use the LV in AC?
  13. congrats on your new bag Mike! :tup:
  14. congratulations
  15. Congratulations!!