Mike Evans (Lionel Jefferson) of the Jeffersons dies

  1. Yes that is sad. I did not know he created Good Time either..
  2. So sad. He was my favorite Lionel. I didnt like the other one
  3. Very tragic ! he was still young too !
  4. oh no:crybaby:
  5. So young, so sad. All the best to him and his family during this hard time.
  6. OMG!!! I absolutely loved him. He was such a funny actor. Seem to be very sweet. How tragic.

    I hope his family can get through this very sad time.
  7. That is so sad! I loved him as Lionel Jefferson.
  8. The Jefferson is one of my all time favorite sit coms. So sad that he died so young.:sad:
  9. So sad. So many people are getting cancer these days. :sad:
  10. well said megs.