Mike & Chris

  1. I'm in love with Mike & Chris. Does anyone own any of their leather jackets? Me and my friends are obsessing over them but they're so elusive! I've seen one in cognac on a gorgeous girl at Pinkberry once, but I'd like to know what it feels like, etc. Anyone?
  2. I love Mike&Chris Too
  3. i love their hoodies and where them almost everyday but i haven't bought any of the leather though i felt one of their small leather cropped jackets which was buttery soft :tender:
  4. Does anyone have any pics or a website link? I LOVE leather jackets but haven't heard of this designer yet - TIA! :heart:
  5. Their website is mikeandchris.com. Their fall 06 stuff is sooo cute. Here are some pics from the website:[​IMG]
  6. oh i love the first jacket!
  7. ^^ same here!!
  8. I love Mike & Chris! Love those gigantic buttons.
  9. they have the cutest hoodies ever! i'm thinking of getting one of their leather jackets too!
  10. Hey Nerdphanie,

    I love Mike & Chirs too, and I bought one of their leather jackets for really cheap at a sale they were having. There was a rip on the pocket, but for $200, I didnt care.

    Omg, the jacket is AWESOME. The lambskin leather they use is sooo soft and lightweight. I wear my on cool evenings or cold days, and its perfect. I go out to casual lunches with it or SF clubs, and ppl always compliment me.

    I think the full retail selling price is kinda pricey, but its a worthy investment. Hope that helps
  11. Oh dear, I tried one on. A black one. Soooo soft and even cuter than I'd imagined.
    fashionchic: Was that the sample sale in downtown L.A.? I went to that, but apparently the leather jackets sold out in like an hour. I'm just hoping they have another one in December...I go to school in Palo Alto so I guess I wouldn't be wearing it for a while anyway...Congratulations to you. It sounds like you got a sweet deal. Which style/color did you get?
  12. OMG! Their stuff is gorgeous.
  13. ooooohhhh... i love the 1st jacket. What's the retail price ?
  14. These new styles are actually not out in stores yet I don't think, but previous seasons' jackets have been in the high 600s.