Mike & Chris

  1. Does anyone here own a leather hoodie by Mike & Chris? I just ordered the Dylan, and I'm wondering if it'll run true-to-size...? Thank you!
  2. i have the donovan and i've found m&c to run small, i sized up and it was still pretty snug to begin with.
  3. I have Maxwell from last year collection.. fits ok with sweater underneath.. otherwise it run a bit big but not noticable (I can't size down since I wear XS already)
  4. I have the Dylan and I'm usually between an xs and a small for tops and jackets - I ordered the small just in case and it fit just right...any smaller I would have been in trouble... I definitely agree that it runs small....
  5. I am a true XS, so I'm hoping the XS in the hoodie will be ok on me... I saw the Dylan on Jessica Simpson and it looked quite tight on her, but I'm attributing that to her massive chest (that I don't have :p)

    So how do you like your Dylan? Which color do you have? It looked so great on the model online... I hope I love it in person as well. :heart:

  6. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my Dylan jacket - I'm crazy about it and can't wait to wear it...It's summer and I'm already planning outfits around it for the winter :smile: The small is perfect and I'm not very busty like Jessica Simpson either... I got the Cognac from Famous Fashion Found in May and couldn't be any happier with it... Let me know what you think of it once you get it... SO excited for you! :smile:
  7. Oh wow, we're going to be TWINS... I bought the same color from the same website... :p I'm so happy to hear that you love yours! Now I can't wait to receive mine. I will definitely let you know what I think of it when it gets here!
  8. I have the Dylan in cognac as well :smile: i also got it from Famous Fashions Found!!! I the sizing for this particular jacket runs quite small. I'm usually a size 0 or XXS/XS and i ordered the XS and it was tiny, but perfect on me, if you click on the famous fashions find fit guide for the jackets it will give you the actual measurements for each size so you can get a better idea of whether it will fit you properly. Here's the link http://www.famousfashionsfound.com/images/PopUps/FitGuide-Mike&Chris.htm
  9. i just got my maxwell in from FFF and can't stop touching it! I'm so in love - great jacket!
  10. I've found that Mike and Chris leather stuff tends to run small. I love their stuff, but I can't zip it over the boobage without it looking tight.
  11. UPS.com says my jacket is arriving today... :yahoo:will let you guys know what I think of it when it gets here...
  12. AHH, I'm so jealous! I've been looking for a Mike & Chris leather jacket in an XS everywhere with absolutely no success! And now FFF no longer has any of them left in an XS :crybaby:. Please post pics up so I can lust after your jacket from afar! :p
  13. Congrats! I'm sure you'll love it! I bought mine last year in black (I think it was the Dylan too) in L.A in XS, which fit great but I am a 32C, and any smaller might have a little obscene for me!!!!
  14. ACK, i absolutely, positively, must own one of these jackets :drool:...only i don't know which size to get (?) :confused1:...i'm usually a size 2-4 & am a 34B (borderline C)...whaddayouthink ladies, should i order a small or medium for me (?)...and one last question, what's the leather on the cognac like, is it really stiffer than the others (?) :shrugs:
  15. It sounds like we're about the same size. I'm usually a 2/4 size S and a 34B. Size S in Mike & Chris fits me perfectly. There might be issues if you have broad shoulders though.