Mike & Chris

  1. i fell in love with the mike & chris leather hoodies. i'm doing my alst purchases now before i go on a complete high end designer purchase ban for a LONG while becos college's coming up and i need to save! but for now, mike & chris here i come! :yahoo:

    i found two that are tdf! i can't seem to choose. i have to preorder fast, so i need help deciding!!

    i couldn't find a better picture of the Dylan in cognac, that's the best i could do. both pictures are the exact colors/styles of the hoodies i'm planning to pre-order.

    one's the Dylan, as aforementioned, and the other's the Donovan. both are in the same price range so i must choose one of them ASAP! =)

    thanks in advance!! :heart:

    tPF is a lifesaver. jeez. :yes:
    dylan1.jpg donovan1.jpg
  2. I have to say that I like the donovan better, bc the colour is slightly calmer, But I love them both! Great jackets, you really can't make a wrong decision here :smile:
  3. thanks, ruusu! :smile:
  4. I prefer Donovon
  5. I agree, I like the Donovan :biggrin:
  6. I like the Donovan more :smile:
  7. well, ladies, i've come to a decision and pre-ordered the hoodie this morning. now it's on hold for me and as soon as they get a shipment, i'll be waiting for mr. postman!

    i chose neither of the two :sneaky: i chose the Maxwell in Espresso! i thought it looked soooo buttery soft! i'm in love already. can't wait!

  8. wow that's so cute!!! where did you get it from? post pics of you wear it please :smile:
  9. thanks, bijou! i preordered from famous fashion finds =)
  10. That is really cute!
  11. thanks, jv. i can't wait to post pics when it arrives. :happydance:
  12. congrats i babyjluv....i love those jackets!;)
  13. what was your experiences with famous fashion finds?
  14. Congrats! I was going to say that I couldn't tell the difference between the Dylan and Donovna :shrugs: . Your choice is so cute! Enjoy!
  15. Great choice. I'm sure you will be very happy with it.