Mike & Chris? Wear & Tear?

  1. Hi all...!!

    recently i just got the Mike & Chris Bryant Leather Jacket in Whiskey. :yahoo:


    i've been ecstatic ever since and have worn it a few times within a week already! :love:
    but although i LOVE IT, it doesn't seem to be breaking in very nicely? or maybe i'm just a bit paranoid? :shrugs:

    I've always loved leather jacket/things because i love it when things get better with age and basically last forever (unless someone shoots me and puts a hole in it), but i'm already getting numerous scuffs and lil holes in them from normal wear and tear. :sad: especially along the inside of the arms (along the 'distressed' folds) and the edge of the sleeves...

    I didn't think something that costs so much would be this flimsy... :crybaby:opinions from Mike & Chris jacket owners? :flowers:

    p.s and i sprayed it with premium waterproofer before use too!

  2. While I don't own the Bryant, I do have about 3 other mike and chris leather jackets - Maxwell, Dickson and Kian.

    Funnily enough, all 3 of them have a different feel. the maxwell (my first) is very soft and smooshy and very smooth to touch. The dickson is more of a rough suede with metallic bits through it and not as smooth, but still soft (if that makes sense). The kian has the 'distressed' finish and patches of it feels rough, whereas other patches feels ok - really weird - but still looks great on. I emailed the place i bought it from and they suggested a leather conditioner.

    I have a feeling that the dickson and kian are the same season as the bryant - haven't worn them enough yet to comment on wear and tear. (i've been wearing my SWORD one lately which is as soft as the maxwell) Maybe it has something to do with that particular season's leather?

    i'd be interested to see how others have found their MC jackets.
  3. Only wore my Grant for the very first time today so can't say, but does seem a little weird that you are getting holes. Are the arms very tight?
  4. I don't have any of the leather items, but I have two cotton M&C jackets and while I LOVE the styles so much, I am very disappointed in the quality.

    With the first one, all the buttons popped off (and I mean literally all of them) after the first time I washed it.

    The second one shrunk over one full size after washing/drying.

    Anyway, I still find myself lusting after more but I have to remember how poorly the ones I have are holding up.
  5. I agree with the opinion on Mike and Chris cotton. Send them to the cleaners. They don't hold up well in the wash.
  6. I have a leather BAG, which is practically made of steel. They're also Lams leather, but I htink the texture might be a bit diff. I'm using it for school and it has stood up to rain, snow and being tossed around A LOT.

    No wear yet...
  7. not at all!! but the bryant has reallyyyyyyyyyyy long sleeves( they're meant to be like that), maybe the reason why it got scuffed that badly was because it kept getting in the way?:shrugs:

    i guess we'll have to wait a bit longer to see how they eventually wear out...
  8. Oh I see it's on the cuffs it's getting holes? I thought you mean maybe the inner arm seam was popping open a bit because it was tight. Rick Owens jackets have horribly tight sleeves and sometimes do that
  9. ^^^thats what I was thinking under the arms lol.
    I guess that could happen if the length of the arms hangs, and then ends up scuffing. Sorry that this is happening maybe you should call Mike & Chris.
  10. i have the bryant too. i haven't noticed any holes but the leather gets scuffed very easily. i guess it'll just be broken in. i was slightly disappointed in the leather, it's rather stiff.
  11. ^sorry to hhear thhat...Thanks for sharing. I wanted the bryant in slate grey...Now I'll just stick to wanting the jasper/maxwell/dickson/edison....whoo can you say problem lol
  12. I don't have the Bryant, but i have the Maxwell in expresson and the Dylan in cognac. I haven't had any scuffs or holes show up on my jackets at all, i have worn them a fair bit though. I can feel there is a difference in the leather of my Dylan (feels softer) compared to the Maxwell, but both leathers feel quite sturdy, so maybe different M&C jackets will react differently to wear and tear due to different leathers? I'm not sure, this is just a stab in the dark... :shrugs:
  13. No It's not none of the Jesses are... Please stay away from them.. I will find the link of where the fakes are coming from. Thats why for the last past month so many people have been selling the jesse's. I will post the other thread that this topic was mentioned in, it shows where these jackets are being sold in bulk HTH