Mike & Chris sample sale!

  1. So I kind of doubt anyone is as excited about this as I am, and I kind of don't want to share...but what the heck. From dailycandy.

    What: Mike & Chris
    Why: Hoodie jackets in tons of styles, as well as a limited selection of handbags at up to 70 percent off.
    When: Nov. 16-18. Thurs.-Sat., 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
    Where: 834 S. Broadway, at Ninth St., ste. 505, Downtown (323-205-4303).
  2. omg im' sooooo jealous :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: i'm mike and chris obsessed i'd do ANYTHING to get to this sale :drool:
  3. Might have to check it out :smile:
  4. So so jealous!!

    I love their button scarf but can't seem to find one in a color I like.
  5. Oh this breaks my heart - I LOVE Mike & Chris...too bad this isn't in NYC!!!
  6. They definitely need a Mike & Chris SS in NYC!!! :O Lucky Californians. ;)
  7. i have been obsessed with mike and chris after their daily candy debut...i am so jealous!
  8. Ohmygod, I am so jealous! I adore their hoodies. Oh, what I would give to be there :love:
  9. Omg...I got was so excited..I thought this was here in nyc..then I read the post again!!!!!! booo hoooo!!!!!!!! I'm crying...I want more of the hoodies!
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