Mike & Chris Sample Sale -- NY 10/4-10/6

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  1. Sample Sale: Mike & Chris[​IMG]

    What : Mike&Chris Sample Sale - Summer 07 + Spring 07 + past seasons - up to 70% off retail prices
    When : Oct. 4 + 5 (Thursday + Friday - 10AM to 6PM) + Oct. 6 (Saturday - 10AM to 1PM)
    Where : 834 S Broadway - 2nd Floor (between 8th+9th St. - DOWNTOWN)
    CONTACT: jenniferk@mikeandchris.com
  2. Fan-freaking-tastic. Now I know what I'm getting myself for my birthday!!!
  3. Wish I was in NYC :sad:
  4. omg i've been jealous of the cali girls forever for having this-----SOOOOO HAPPY!!!! :graucho:
  5. I emailed Jennifer expressing my joy that the sale is in New York. She emailed me back and said the sale is in Los Angeles.

  6. Did you ask Jennifer if they would offer the sale online to those of us who don't reside in LAX?
  7. thanks for the heads up...you made my day!
  8. um, so where is it exactly????
  9. its in los angeles
  10. WohOo... here it comes again! thinking if I should take a half day off... traffic sucks around the area... hm... how many of you are planning to go on the first day of sale?
  11. I did. Not good news. Below is her response:

    "Unfortunately, not. It tends to make things more complicated. Sorry about that. I hope to have future sales in NY soon though."
  12. wooo hoooo! i love the mike & chris sample sales! i scored such great stuff at the last one. thanks for the heads up!
  13. I am so incredibly jealous of you LA girls!
  14. UGH!!! Why the heck did I move from LA to Texas??? :crybaby: Hubby needs to buy me a purse to make up for that!
  15. BOOOOO :crybaby: they need to have a NY one :tdown: