Mike & Chris Sample Sale, April 10-12, Los Angeles

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. ugh. im jealous! la and ny get all the good sample sales.
  3. oh, thanks for posting. I'll definately check it out.
  4. YES!! I am so excited for this! Thanks for the post!
  5. omg its that time agaiN! lol. so crazy on the first day last year!
  6. Noooo! They have to have one in NY! Anybody willing to grab some extra goods for us :graucho:
  7. I'm so jealous :sad:
  8. I soooooooooo wish I could go to this! UGH! Any chances that they'll take phone/e-mail orders?!
  9. i'm marking this on my calendar... I can't wait!
  10. need advice from people who have attended previous m&c sample sales...

    how is the parking there? do they restock on the second day? what is the best time to get there?
  11. the first day is crazy and it was a tiny space with too many people. it got really hot but they had mini fijis for people. people were grabbing at stuff and waiting by the curtain where the workers come out to restock stuff. the they have a decent selection of items but prices weren't that great. the leather jackets were 500 but most were damaged with rips and tears. the baileys were 200. i heard that prices were slashed on the last day. it was scary! my bf swore he will never go back! lol.
  12. aww! dangit. i wish it was during a weekend like last year. :sad: i have class! :sad:
  13. thanks for posting
  14. i've heard the prices have gone up a lot for their sample sales recently. i don't want to miss work and fight with people for things...do you think it would be worth going on the last day? does anyone have any experience with this? i love mike & chris and i've never been to any of their sample sales so i'm excited!
  15. All you lucky gals!! Have fun