Mike & Chris Leather Jacket Owners, help!

  1. I'm really thinking of buying one of these but there aren't any stores around me that i could go to to see them. so, if you own one of these:
    1. What style?
    2. How short/cropped is it?
    3. How is the quality, especially of the leather?
    4. Does it fit like the hoodies (i own 2)?
    5. Is it warm? Is it lined?
    6. How long have you had? How much have you used it? How has it worn in?
    Also, if you have a picture of it on that'd be great. sorry for a million questions, but its an expensive purchase to buy without seeing. thanks!! :smile:
  2. I have this one (Donovan) in grey


    here's me wearing it. I'm about 5'6" and US size 6

    It's from S/S collection so it's not fully lined, I noticed that the jackets from F/W are though. I've had it since spring and thanks to the abysmal summer we had in UK wore it A LOT. I adore it, it's very soft and flattering. I have a biggish chest and most leather jackets make me look like bouncer. I now want a brown one too :tup:
  3. I have this one called Jesse- retails $950
    It is waist length
    quality is good- not as good as my premium designer leathers but it is cute! It does get a bit worn looking and I also noticed that my left sleeve is fading a bit in color (I have black) and my right one is not!! but this happenned after half a year. FYI.
    I've had it over a year, and I was able to get use of it late winter into spring when it was in the 60's here in LA. It is warm enough for weather upper 50's low 60's- it is lined but very lightly lined. It fits snugger than the hoodies, but it's supposed to be snug. I like that it is very casual- and it pretty much goes with my daily wardrobe- which one were you thinking about getting? I recommend the Jesse style, I like it alot! hope this was helpful! ;)
  4. thanks to you both for the info! i'm thinking of getting the jasper or bryant because i'm looking for a longer jacket. is it at all "stuffy"? that's one thing that annoys me about leather jackets, is i feel like i can't move very well.
  5. I've never seen these IRL but think they're so cute. Somehow I'm afraid they won't look good on me though because although I'm a size 4 I have broad shoulders and short arms so I'll just look like a boy. But for those of you with long thin arms and lanky bodies I'm sure these would look fab!!
  6. If anyone is looking to buy a Mike & Chris leather jacket on sale,
    http://www.tobi.com/ has a 25% off coupon that expires today, and they have several of the Mike & Chris leather jackets and hoodies in stock.
  7. I just ordered the bryant from revolve (they are matching the karizma code) for 30% off too so it was a great deal. Had it shipped to NJ to avoid the CA tax as I will be there next week visiting family anyway.

    I tried this style on in the store and thought it was a little on the small side. I am a S or XS in most things. I had heard these run small so I am not suprised.

    I've been wanting one for so long but I just had a little enhancement srugery (ahem) and I wasn't sure how that would affect the fit. I don't think that wound up factoring into the size decision in the end. The S was most snug around my hips and fine in the bust.
  8. i have a bit of an obsession with mike and chris jackets at the moment as well. I have the maxwell and love it! i did wear it quite a bit in winter/spring. the leather is super soft and the jacket is fairly fitted which is what i was after. i didn't have to 'wear it in' at all. i think the maxwell is longer than the donovan or the jesse. it is fully lined (including sleeves). as for sizing, i'm between XS and S in mike and chris jackets - but opted for an S for the leather jacket (i'd rather be a size big than small plus i can always layer!)

    i've actually just ordered my second mike and chris jacket after much deliberation. Barney's have a great sale on the dickson - the colour is what really caught my eye and it was only after i saw pics of it on another website that really made my mind up to buy it (and the price!). not sure about the 'scarf' bit though but it is removable at least!

    i've also got my eye on the kian donovan jacket.
  9. I'm keeping my eye on that too! I like the "mud" color.

    Tobi.com has a 25% off coupon right now and they have the Byrant in stock in Charcoal.
  10. pink mascara currently stock the kian donovan in mud. not sure what colors blueheaven boutique stock though. blue heaven boutique normally have a 20% off coupon code ...
  11. 1. What style?
    I've got 2, the Dylan in cognac and the Maxwell in Expresso.


    2. How short/cropped is it?
    These 2 styles aren't cropped at all or too short, they come down to just below my waist.

    3. How is the quality, especially of the leather?
    I think the quality is amazing, the jacket fits my body very well and the leather is very soft.

    4. Does it fit like the hoodies (i own 2)?

    5. Is it warm? Is it lined?
    Both are quite warm and both are lined.

    6. How long have you had? How much have you used it? How has it worn in?
    I've had the Dylan for almost 7 months and the Maxwell for almost 5 months. I wore them a fair bit during winter and before my pregnant belly bump started showing. They have worn in quite well, but the leather still looks new to me.

  12. ^wow those jackets look great on you . Congrats on your baby he's too cute, & your shoe collection:drool:
  13. yeah IDGI either :confused1: ..thats what stopped me from getting the Dylan too.
  14. I absolutely love these jackets! I lucked out and picked up the Nolan in black on sale at Nordstroms Anniversary Sale.:yahoo: And so began my obsession!! Now I'm deciding between two others. I have the Chandler in espresso, but it seems alittle cutsey to me. So I just ordered the Jesse in black to compare. I'd like different colors but the Nolan is the side zipper biker style with no hood so the two styles are completely different..... Has anyone seen any espresso or dark grey jackets anywhere? Thanks!