Mike & Chris leather jacket - need some advice!!!

  1. After reading threads of the Mike & Chris jacket -I'm convinced that I need to purchase one. After searching online, I found two in particular that I really like - the Donovan and the Dylan.:yahoo:

    This will be my first Mike and Chris purchase and need some help! What's the difference between the two, since they look so similar? See links below... I'm leaning towards the Dylan since the return policy on this site is a lot more flexible....

    What is the fit like? I'm between a small and an extra small depending on the brand - I love the look of this jacekt b/c it's fitted and want it to look like that. Not loose at all...

    Any feedback would be great!!!

    Dylan in cognac: http://www.famousfashionsfound.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=109&products_id=487

    Donovan in bourbon (return policy isn't great though):http://www.blueheavenboutique.com/mikeandchris2.html
  2. what size do you normally wear for tops? i'm normally a S or M, or 4-6 (US). i have an XS clark leather jacket and it's very fitted, but still looks nice. if you have a larger bust, i would suggest getting a S so you can zip up the jackets comfortably.

    here's a more clear pic of Donovan [​IMG]

    Dylan has cute little pockets with buttons on them. I like the Dylan personally, it looks a little bit younger and funkier with the pockets.

    Both are really cute jackets though - good luck with your choice!
  3. I also have the clark. I'm in :heart: w/the Mike & Chris line. I want to get the dylan in black. I agree w/GEE, the button detailing is cute. I wear a xs-s & I went w/ a S. The xs fit me but it felt too tight when worn closed. Let me know what you decide on.
  5. I think the differences between the jackets are the pockets. The Dylan has a button and a flap, but the Donovan is just a regular pocket.

    As for sizing, I usually wear S and I got a S M&C jacket. It's a little tight across the chest, but after wearing it a little, it's relaxed a little and it's fine. I don't think I'd go up a size.
  7. Thanks for the great advice everyone! I went with the Dylan in cognac! :smile:

    Now I'm totally confused about the sizing though - I originally ordered the XS and I'm now thinking about changing it to a small. I'm a 32B in the bust, not large at all :smile: Do you think the XS will fit or am i better off with the small? I want it to look fitted, similar to the picture I attached in the original message.

    Any advice would be great! Thanks again!
  9. I love the dylan and clark but for some reason i prefer the maxwell, i think its the most formal and i could wear it on business fridays at work.
  10. I have the Dylan in black (ordered it from Famous Fashions Found as a matter of fact), I normally wear an XS - S so I decided to get it in size Small.
  11. I like the dylan better.

    I just pre-ordered my Edison leather jacket from famous fashion founds. cant wait!
  12. ilovemylilo - Is your Dylan fitted nicely or is it a little loose? I'm just curious b/c I was so confused about whether to order a small or an extra small... I just changed my order from Famous Fashions Found to a small, hope it works out...can't wait to get it!!! :smile:
  13. the donovan! the bourbon color is hott
  14. How long did it take for them to ship after you pre-ordered? Also if you pre-order, can you return or exchange?TIA
  15. question for u all, out of all the styles available in the M&C leather hoodies, which style and colour is the most versatile? you can wear it all the time with most outfits?