Mike & Chris Leather Hoodie 75% Off

  1. Just wanted to let everybody know that the :heart: Mike & Chris leather hoodie :heart: is 75% off at the Taste boutique in Atlanta. Regularly priced at $955, I picked one up today for $250!

    Sorry, I can't find a picture online, but it is the button-down jacket with tie. It is not cropped, but hits right at the waist. It is NOT the Maxwell, Dylan or Jesse style.

    The Taste in Atlantic Station had 2 hoodies left after I bought mine, one in Gunmetal and the other one in Beige. I think both were size large. I'm not sure what the Taste in Sugarloaf will have left in stock - I would imagine they'll have more sizes because they have less foot traffic.
  2. Thanks!!!!:p Taste Boutique is the best- I always run over there when I am in Atlanta!
  3. oooo, where is the taste on sugarloaf? sometimes i drive that way when i visit my parents in marietta from college.
  4. Oh My Gosh! I want one.. Too bad there's no store around here.
  5. They will ship it for you- a great deal since you don't have to pay sales tax if out of state!