Mike & Chris jacket!

  1. I have been REALLY wanting this jacket for sooo long. I found it at this website however.. it looks like they only issue a STORE CREDIT for returns... notcredit onto your cc. This is really stopping me from buying it because its not that cheap and I do not want a store credit of 840 if I decide I don't want the jacket.

    So.. I need help!! ANy opinoins on this jacket??? Thanks!!!
    Or if you have seen it anywhere else and possibly a coupon I can use it on?? That would be awesome!


    Heres the jacket:
  2. It's cute but they run small & short
  3. I have the M&C Grant jacket. I love it, beautiful leather and great fit but they do run small and I had to buy a large whereas I wear medium/44/8 in any other brand.

    I got mine at hefty markdown. Over here my jacket retailed at $1430 and I got it for $360!!
  4. if it's for stuff that you don't know about or how it fits, don't but it. wait until you're face to face with the product and can try it on. there's no point in wasting your money. and no returns on something purchased online that's 800 bucks is a bit ridiculous unless this is a final sale item. even then do M&C jackets resell for that much on eBay? if they do or you're only going to lose out on a hundred bucks, i'd say go for it.
  5. Love Mike and Chris! I have a leather jacket from them which I got from Barneys. Their sizing runs a bit small since I had to get a medium while I usually wear XS or S.

    Wait for a markdown or something because they usually go down to a good price:smile:
  6. any advice on where to find good markdowns on their leather jackets?
  7. i have a M&C maxwell. they do run small. i usually wear an xs, but i wear a small! =)
  8. I get mine from Barneys New York. I also found some mark downs at Shopbop.
  9. Matchesfashion.com had a M&C leather jacket marked down to $415. Hopefully they'll mark the other ones down too.
  10. ^^^ The M&C jackets on Matches are sold out, that's where I gt mine from and also got a further 10% off :wlae:

  11. OMG I'm so jealous! That's such a great price !!! :woohoo:
  12. I know........it was destined to be mine.....mwah-ha-ha!
  13. lucky duck! i can't find any on sale :sad:
  14. Have only seen this jacket on
    ronherman - no discount codes and they don't honor or pricematch competitors (i know cos i've asked!)
    shopbop - i know they do pricematch if you have seen it elsewhere cheaper but i think you need to call them
    blueheavenboutique - they have discount codes going at the moment

    hope that helps...
    having said that there looks like there will be even hotter mike and chris jackets on the horizon! saw a few pics on net-a-porter and they had one on preorder from rarechic that sold out!