Mike & Chris Jacket Sizing

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  1. I plan on getting a jacket with a fit like the Basil Hoodie, but I was wondering just how small these jackets run. I'm between a medium and a large, but I'm not sure which size to go with. Should I size up?
  2. I don't own a M&C jacket (I'd love to get one though) but I hear they run small, so if you are between a medium and large, your best bet would probably be to get the large. I'm a size 8 and I think I would have to buy a large. Maybe some others can chime in too.
  3. I've tried on a bunch of M&C leather styles lately, and I think it really depends on your build and the cut of the jacket. For most of the styles (the hoodies) I find the shoulders and chest run very narrow. Even one size up is tight for me. Meanwhile, the sleeves are very long and the middle is cut very loose. The one jacket I'm still holding on to is the Barley, which is TTS. I'm guessing for the Basil or similar it will depend on your chest and shoulders and could be tight. I've given up on the hoodies because I don't like the fit.
  4. I have an M&C leather jacket and I wear an 8 so bought a large and it's a good fit
  5. I normally wear size XS or S and my M&C leather jacket is size S. So if you are between two sizes, I would size up :smile:.