mike & chris jacket sizing question

  1. i'm so sad gals, my beautiful new cognac dylan jacket arrived yesterday & i think it's too small on me :crybaby:..i'm ordered a size "M" since i know M&C runs small...i'm usually a size 4, 34B/C & wear a size "S" in just about everything, so i went up a size...i've never worn a size "L" in anything, but the "M" is too tight under my arms & that's only with a t-shirt underneath :push:...will it stretch out or should i buy another "M" in another style or go for a "L" instead (?) :shrugs:...i've checked out the sizing charts online & know that they're all cut a little differently...any advice would be so helpful since i can't try them on 1st...TIA!!! :cutesy:
  2. ^^ bumpity-bump :wlae:
  3. Oh aaallabama, what a shame. IMO though I highly doubt the arms will stretch out much more, I've had my Dylan for almost a year and wore it a lot during fall & spring and really didn't notice any stretching. I just bought my second one, yes after seeing your earlier thread (the temptation won over!;)) the Conrad in slate and got another in XS and find she is roomier in the chest and arm area as her style & shape is quite different, more 'relaxed' so I did not size up. It is a different look from the hoodie but I love it. If I had to do it again I'd probably get the Dylan in a small only because of the chest, as I am a 32C (size0/2) and it can be a little snug.

    Pix of Conrad from Active Endervours.
    AED17271a.jpg AED17271e.jpg
  4. rather than size up, I suggest try a different cut.
  5. ^^ yep, that's what i was thinking too...does anyone know which styles are cut bigger (?) :shrugs:
  6. ^^ awe, thanks girlie, i'm pretty bummed about it...i did so much research before buying it too...but i guess it's tough to judge without trying them on...i'm happy i was able to inspire you to buy another though :tup:
  7. I think Maxwell cut a bit bigger.. at least for me.
    I usually wear XS and Maxwell XS run a bit big around the shoulder & armpit area