Mike & Chris Fans

  1. I really like the bailey hoody... how is the sizing? Do they run small and shrink when dried?
  2. I've never tried on the Bailey hoodie, but I've heard it runs a bit small. I had a Vern Hoodie from a couple seasons ago, and I have the Flynn top from Winter 07/08, both in size M which is my normal size, but based on what I heard about their earlier lines sizing, I would probably be an L in the bailey. Sorry I can't be of more help! Oh, and nothing has ever shrunk on me after washing.
  3. Most of M & C runs really sm so I'd sz up. I don't have the bailey but I have the lucas cotton hoodie. I usually wear a xs-s in most & I got a m & I think I could have even been ok w/ a lg.
  4. I usually wear an xs in things, and I have an xs bailey hoodie. It really only runs small in the shoulders/bust area, so if you have a chest then size up. But if you're small on top, you don't really have to.
  5. Thanks girls! Then I got the right size.
  6. oo good to know! ive been considering a wilson and i guess ill get an xs!
  7. just keep in mind that the wilson is fitted at the bottom, hip part, whereas the bailey isn't. so what I was saying is that since the bailey is bubble-shaped from the chest down, it only fits small on the bust. the wilson I'd imagined would be smaller cut all over.