Mike & Chris Bailey Hoodie

  1. I fell in love with the Mike & Chris Bailey hoodie after seeing Rachel Bilson photographed with it:

    (from LuvCharlie.com)

    I did a little research and had no idea how popular the brand was, or that this particular style is sold out. So, I decided to pre-order it for the fall from LuvCharlie.com. I'll have to wait until August (who knows, it might show up earlier), but I'm okay with it, especially with the fact that I found a 15% off coupon and free shipping for it!

    Has anyone else flipped for this or any other Mike & Chris items?
  2. yes! i love their hoodies... i have quite a few. they are so comfy and i love the styles
  3. i love their hoodies, i bought two weeks ago ($53 shipped!) and bought another 2 days ago ($49 shipped). best hoodies, hands down! i love the details. i wouldn't pay full price for them, they're pretty expensive and are just made out of 1 layer of soft cotton.
  4. the designs are quite interesting...but after i bought one off online, the quality didn't impress me much,,,so unless I really LOVE the design..i wouldn't pay full price for them.
  5. I LOVE anything Mike & Chris! I have been searching everywhere for a Bailey. I am willing to preorder and wait for one, but I'm not familiar with this site. Is a good one? Do you have to prepay as you preorder? What if I preorder and find one somewhere else first (chances are slim, I know). Thanks for your help.
  6. i preordered mine also. i can't wait to get it in august! it's soooo far away. hopefully i'll look good IRL. :smile: i was able to use a coupon also so i'm super excited!

    emma antonia - last time i checked, there were a few sites that were still taking preorders. luvcharlie was one of them. i've heard good and bad things about luvcharlie. anyway, if you google, sites will come up. some sites let you preorder and cancel without a penalty. some sites charge you right away. some sites will only refund you a store credit if you cancel your preorder. it all depends on where you get it. you should def check out the policy first. good luck.
  7. www.shoprobertson.com has a great sale on Mike and chris stuff right now! You should go check it out!

    I think their stuff is way cute too but I don't think its very well made (the material is kinda poor imo)
  8. aww! that was the exact same hoodie i saw and tried on at Barneys co-op. it was the cutest thing! :smile: i reeeeeeally want one. :sad:
  9. They did not "pre-charge" me...it was my understanding that they charge after the item has shipped. I ordered it late Saturday evening, so I will call them today to double-check.

    I didn't realize that there were many "quality" questions about their items. That's too bad, and I'm second-guessing the order since it was still quite expensive with the coupon (around $265). Maybe I'll hit up a Barney's CO-OP to see if they have any Mike & Chris and see how I feel afterwards.
  10. i didn't know there were quality issues also... yikes. i hope it's not too bad. i love the look of the bailey hoodie.

    suli-have you ordered from revolveclothing before? if you're a new customer, you can get 30% off. that's what i did. i know it's not a steal or anything but it was the best deal i came up with. since this hoodie is the more popular one, i figured i had a slim chance of scoring a good deal esp in black.
  11. Sara - I checked revolve but they are sold out! Thanks for the heads up though!
  12. Im from Australia & desperately trying to get my hands on a black one. I know they are doing a re-cut but I just cant wait til August...I need one now!!!!
  13. I'm obsessed with mike & chris. They have sample sales in L.A. that I've hit up twice. Their leather stuff is the best.
  14. wow its so cute, I want one.
  15. Oh, I really want one too. It is an awesome coat/hoodie! It's a tad pricey but hopefully we can find a coupon. Wonder if they would accept a coupon for a pre-order? Also, how do mike and chris fit? Thanks!