Mike & Chris 'Austin' Bag for $463.70

  1. I have been craving this bag for months now!! However, having bought ...TOO MANY...over the last two months, I am on a purse diet! Please, please post pics of your bag as soon as you get it though. Gosh, I am sooo envious...this bag looks absolutely scrumptous!
  2. Hayley...what is the 30% off code and when does it expire? Just curious....just testing my willpower! Thanks.
  3. it's DAILY30. dunno when it expires.
  4. Thanks!
  5. that codes expires 2/26
  6. I have this bag in the deep emerald and love it - here is a pic

  7. i know, how good is that price too. i just couldnt resist!
    will post pics as soon as i get it, but am in Australia so might not be for a week or so :smile:
  8. would the shoulder strap drop (11") be too long for me at 5'3" only?

    i really lovet this bag but i'm afraid i'll look too "old ladyksh" with a bag hanging too long from my shoulders. anyone with this bag can tell me? TIA!
  9. Hi Snowtire,

    I just sent you a personal message, but anyway ... the strap is not that long at all. it sits more under the arm, rather than hanging down messenger style, so i think it would be fine for you,
  10. It's gone... sad I LOVE their leathers
  11. I don't see it. Am I missing something or do you suppose they have sold out?
  12. I was on a purse ban, but I couldn't resist! For some time now, I have wanted this bag. Since I had ordered before, but never knew about or used the "new customer" discount, I wasn't certain if I qualified for it now. However, I called their CS # and a very nice young lady took my order by phone, giving me the 30% discount!!! Yeah!! Can you believe that I got this bag for $306? I bought the Mike & Chris Berkeley Antiqued
    Leather Hobo. Can't wait!!!:happydance: