Mike & Chris Austin bag available anywhere?

  1. Hello all,

    I just discovered the Mike and Chris Austin handbag while visiting family for the holidays. My cousin was carrying it and I fell in love with it!

    I would appreciate any help locating one.

    Thank you.
  2. Maybe call them directly?
    Good luck! :yes:
  3. I just noticed there's a listing on eBay (320200777534) for the m&c austin bag in black. I have this exact one and love it!
  4. Thanks for the tips!
  5. No luck. Can anyone help me? I'd really prefer it in a color other than black (really liking the brown), but cannot find one anywhere. I called about 10-15 stores today and emailed Mike and Chris a week ago and have heard nothing.

  6. There's a brown one being sold on eBay..# 160195398970
  7. Thank you for the tip! I checked it out earlier today, and although it says NWT, it doesn't look like NWT to me. Perhaps I'm wrong, but the back looks especially worn. I'll keep my eyes out for another one to pop up, though.
  8. The situation is looking grim. Called Mike and Chris directly today (after no luck with email) and a nice woman said she'd call around, though she didn't think she'd find one.