Mike & Chris 30% Off

  1. thanks for the code! the 30% off makes it a real steal.

    i really want to get some M&C hoodies, but since we don't have their line here in Asia, i don't know whether i should get them in size XS or S.

    can anyone tell me if they run true to size or a bit smaller? (i'm 5'3" and 100 lbs.)

  2. If you're in between sizes, take the lareger of the 2.
    I usually wear a medium, but I need a large in their hoodies.
    I'm 5'8" 135lbs (size 6).
    Hope this is helpful.
  3. thanks so much, lish76. that really helped.

    i don't want to look squeeshed so i think i'm goin for the S. comfort is always important.

    thank you~ ;)
  4. i just got the one i ordered from standard style ($53 shipped) and i love it :smile:
  5. you're very welcome snowtire!
    happy i could help!
  6. I just ordered the M&C Austin Bag! Although when i put my order through it said they would send me a confirmation email about whether the bag was in stock cause it had been so busy... does anybody know how long this takes? dying to know if i got it!