Mike and Chris Vern Top - Thoughts??

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  1. Does anyone own it? Thoughts on the fit or overall look? I'm a huge Mike & Chris fan, but some of their stuff looks great on, while other pieces look ridiculous. Thoughts on this one? I was hoping it would be a cute casual day look layered over a plain beater.

  2. I have actually seen this piece online and have been debating on whether or not to get it. I'm on the fence though, but do agree that it would be a cute, casual, layering piece. I also think it could look cute over a simple long sleeve tee.
  3. ^ Thanks for your reply! I like your idea of wearing it over a long sleeve tee. It hasn't arrived yet (I got it from Chocosho.com, not sure if they're a good online boutique or not?) but my concern is it might be too stiff if it's made of thick cotton. It seems like the type of shirt that should be pretty slouchy.

    I was hoping maybe someone on here owned it! If / when it comes, I'll let you know how it is worn.
  4. I think this would look really nice layered