Mike and Chris Dylan Jacket: Just Got it!!

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  1. Thanks to the Live.com discount, I bought a used Dylan jacket off of Ebay. It arrived, is nicely broken in and very soft.
    As these things go, of course, I am happy (I do love it) but curious. Are your Dylan's partially lined? There is a fabric back but then just exposed, sewn leather.
    I have never seen a M&C jacket in real life and through googling have heard about jackets being partially lined-- just wondered what any of your experiences have been with this.
    Thank you!!
  2. I've got a Dylan in cognac and it is fully lined. I bought it in May 2007 from Famous Fashions Found.
  3. Thanks for responding!
    I had heard that some were lined and some just partially lined but was curious.
    Maybe I'll post pics in Authenticate this just to be safe than sorry!
  4. I've owned two M&C jackets - one was fully lined (purchased from FFF) and the other only partially lined (purchased from AE). Neither were the Dylan though.
  5. Post pictures! I want to see :smile:
  6. I recently bought the Dylan from ebay in black and it was partially lined too! Did you find out anything about this? Why are some partially lined and some fully lined?