MII stamp...help

  1. i JUST got my venetia in washed rose and it beautiful!! BUT i can't find the made in italy stamp!! where would it be??:crybaby: if its not real i am going to be soo mad! but he said i could return it if it wasn't and where would the serial number tag be...i can't find that either...do all MJ bags have those?

    i don't have time to post pics now but i will as soon as i get home!

    someone help...im panicking:sweatdrop:!
  2. The good news: It is my understanding that the older bags do not have serial tags.

    The bad news: As for the MII stamp here's what Thithi said:

    There should always be Made in Italy located somewhere in the bag. If the nameplate says Marc Jacobs only, if it suede lined, the MII stamp should be imprinted in the suede or on the interior leather along the lip. If it is canvas, then there is usually a leather tag sewn on with MII imprinted on the tag. Sometime it is hard to locate, I've had a few bags where it's taken me quite a while to locate it.

    HTH. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Good luck!!
  3. If it's stamped on the suede lining it can be a bit difficult to find - it's small!
  4. yup the older bags do not have serial tags

    lots of girls have the venetia so i'm sure they'll come along and tell you where theirs is. i don't have one but the places where i've found the MII stampe in the past have been on the leather lip around the corner of the zip, in the inner pocket.
  5. I've also seen the MII stamp located across from the nameplate on the other wall, not on the same side. Keep looking, it should show up! Sometimes on Venetias I've seen it on the pocket flap somewhere too, I think.