Mightykismet has anyone purchased off her

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  1. I am just asking has anyone purchased off this lady on ebay and been happy - last thread wasn't to blow her trumpet (she was very kind on the phone)

    She sells high end items and I just want to find some customers whom have purchased off her in Florida - I am a million miles away in New Zealand and have only every purchased from my two Auckland stores from Louis Vuitton and the one in Marina Mirage in Surfers paradise.

    I missed out on the mirror collection and would like to buy a silve mirror authentic louis vuitton bag - HELP:shrugs:
  2. You can try messaging her buyers through the eBay system and ask...
  3. i was also looking at here items also. but i have not bought from here either.
  4. Why did you post this again? Your other thread was closed.
  5. I bought from her last year. It was authentic. She even sent me a Christmas card! Very friendly.
  6. Mighty Kismet is based in China, but the quality of the bags is superb.
  7. She is based in China? But she is registered as a US Seller. :confused1:
  8. and she says she is from Florida. :confused1:
  9. Hi there, Just saw, albeit an old thread, that said I am from CHINA. Not so. I am in Miami Florida. The company in China who took my name is in 2 words.

    Always happy to answer any questions, to give references, and to help a fabulous Orange box arrive to you! But then, A divine Vintage piece, or Collectable scrumptious item is also just as much fun.

    And I work alone - so those people who have been saying they work with me - not so.

    Just wanted to clairfy! :smile:
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