mighty boosh fans?

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  1. it pretty much my fav show .. im not sure if its on in the US? I pretty much have a crush on Julian Barratt. Ive watched season 3 so many times my boyfriend is now sick of it.

    Eels anyone?
  2. ... or how about a nice elbow patch?
  3. ahhh ... finally!!! whats your fav ep from season 3? mine would be eels followed by the party ... Are you an english gal?
  4. Eels!! Has to be, although it was more spooky and dark than normal! Also liked the party and the crimp-off one.

    Have only seen them the once though, so far!

    Think it's only been seen by us UK girls, but not sure ...
  5. ahhh - but i'm an aussie gal you see ... i figured that maybe some other countries might have it on dvd like me. but looks like we're it on TPF. The lone bag lovin' boosh fans ...
  6. My photography teacher is EXACTLY like the guy that runs the zoo in mighty boosh. LMAO
  7. LOL!!! YES, YES, YES!!!! I :heart: The Mighty Boosh!! One of my favs is The strange tale of the crack fox!! However, I agree with CB this series was very dark!! I love Tony Harrison.......'IT'S AN OUTRAGE'!!! :nuts:

    I'm going to see the 'Boosh' in December........can't wait!!! :yahoo:
  8. tony harrison and the moon :roflmfao: ... classics! i also love that guy 'jack le cube' in the Party ep ... too funny!
    ladyred - he's just like the American guy? too funny!

    TASH1 - I am beyond jealous ... if i went to see them live id offer myself up to julian barratt for a night. :P
  9. I'm American and discovered the Boosh on a flight to the UK - so I can be thankful to the BA in-house entertainment :smile: I was able to watch some eps on utube, then I bought the dvds from amazon.co.uk (we have a multi-region player).

    I can't say enough about how absolutely funny these guys are. I would have rolled on the floor on the airplane if they would've let me. I do agree that season 3 got much darker, and I found myself disliking Vince (who I loved for his sweetness in seasons one and two.) The series also turned me on to the IT Crowd - amazingly funny - I don't know if we have anything like this in the US right now.
  10. Oooh, I like the IT crowd too!!!

    Anyways, back to The Mighty Boosh - I happen to prefer Howard to Vince (still waters and all that!) and Naboo is kinda cute!!

    The whole series is very surreal thought, how they ever came up with the concept in the first place is beyond me and the fact that they can also do it live (as well as TV series) is just awesome! They've definitely gone above and beyond what one would think of as being a comedy series/show.

    It's good to know that originality still exists - it's got quite a cult following and I'm not surprised!
  11. STEADY!!! :wtf:

    Aawww, it's a shame you can't see them, as they're doing a ton of dates between October and December. But, I'll be sure to tell you all about it, once I've seen the show!! :yes:
  12. CB, I hope you got tickets to see them in your neck of the woods. It's going to be a helluva show!! What/who do you reckon I should go as!!? LOL!!

    Not in a million years....but there'll be a ton of people dressed up!! It'll be hilarious to watch!!
  13. Love the Boosh!!
    Got tickets to see them live in October...

    I love the old gregg episode and milky joe with the coconuts ha ha

    I love the stationary village, it made me laugh so much
  14. me too. although I missed the second season: I love the irish guy in it, and I work in IT and it is so true to life. Our very own "IT Crowd" have a lock on their door now so you cant go in to see them ha ha
  15. :roflmfao: Doesn't surprise me one jot! On Radio 4 yesterday (radio station of reference in the UK) there was pandamonium when the hourly 'beeps' or pips failed to materialise on time and when they did, there was seven of them rather than six. (Maybe only in the UK this would only cause the reaction that it did!!)
    Anyways, apparently the BBC tech team re. this computer glitch, voiced something that the IT Crowd would have been proud of 'Have you turned it off and on again'? :nuts: And what's more, it actually worked!! Love it!

    Loved the Milky Joe episode of The Mighty Boosh too!:P

    Tash1, if you are thinking of dressing up (!) for the live Mighty Boosh (and this I would really like to see btw!), I suggest going as Naboo -nice Hermes turban coupled with a nice cool kaftan and you'll be a good to go fashionista!! Then you've only got to worry about what handbag to bring...! LOL!!