Might want to register your TPF name on ebay

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  1. I am so disturbed by this...

    Someone dropped me a note and warned me that someone had taken my watermarked photo of LV sprouse scarves and posted on ebay for sale and had a newly registered ebay name of BlikLadyLaw.

    I promptly reported it, confronted the seller, asked those in the LV Report This Auction thread to help me report it and promptly registered BlkLadyLaw as an ebay account. Even if I never use it since I sell under another name I feel better owning it. I never thought about how much value there is in the reputation I have built here and would not want someone else to be able to take ownership of that.

    Just a suggestion that if you sell under another ebay name that is not the same as your name here and you want to protect that you may want to register it also.

    You can see the culprit here...

  2. Interesting. It's kinda like the domain name issue. That's not a bad idea.
  3. thank you for the heads up! I am glad it was removed.
  4. Or else watermark with something distinguishable so you know it's yours.
  5. I mentioned that elsewhere a while ago. I have registered my ebay seller IDs on a few sites so that no one else can try to use them.
  6. Hmmm... good point!
  7. rats... someone already has my name. so I registered my name with TPF after instead.
  8. Thanks for the tip, done!!