Might of changed my mind on Sabrina

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  1. Well I found out the other day that I got the full time hospital job that I had interviewed for almost a month ago. Yay for me!!!! But I am going to have to buy all new scrubs since they only allow navy blue and I have none of those. So no sabrina for me, I would feel too guilty. Plus would be afraid something would happen to it. I have been looking at the signature stripe totes on ebay and am kind of thinking that is going to be the way for me to go. Still get my new purse for my birthday and don't spend near the money. Plus my daughter in laws birthday is next month and she has never had a designer purse before. So we are thinking of buying her one too to surprise her. She is a good girl and needs a pick me up and to feel special. Long story short from the ones of you that have them, do they hold up well being carried every day and do you have any secrets on how to clean them? Sorry to be a pest but I know this is the place to go for the right answers and honest opinions. Also pictures would be great especially of stuff in them so that I can get an idea on what they will hold. Thanks again.
  2. I have a Signature stripe tote from 06 and I carry it all the time , it hold up really well and hold a lot of stuff
  3. Thanks for the information. Glad they hold up good.
  4. Do you have an outlet closeby? I believe someone here picked up this bag at the outlet today.
  5. First of Congrats on the new job!! :woohoo:
    For Christmas I got the Signature Stripe Tote in Black/gunmetal 08' and I love it. Its very lightweight and comfortable and holds a ton. Its a great everyday bag for me. And like Bag Lady^^ said If you have an outlet close by, they have many colors there. They do here in Vegas anyway. Good Luck!
  6. I also received the Black/Gunmetal from the department store line for Christmas. I like it very much and like that it has a zipper on the top.